What is your favoruite RPG franchise?

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What is your favourite RPG franchise?

Mass Effect 9 5.03%
Fallout 7 3.91%
The Witcher 6 3.35%
Final Fantasy 65 36.31%
Kingdom Hearts 12 6.70%
Pokemon (not sure if you ... 16 8.94%
The Elder Scrolls 11 6.15%
Diablo 1 0.56%
Dark Souls 10 5.59%
Other (post below). 42 23.46%

Baldur's Gate

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Hard to say, but i would go with wild arms

Hope to see finally a sequel of wild arms on ps

Toss up between Fallout, FF and Tales with FF winning and Fallout and Tales sharing third place...

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    Final Fantasy, despite some mediocre games.

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    Favorite RPG franchise? Dark Souls.
    But The Witcher and Gothic are very high on my list too.

    Probably Final Fantasy, but specifically Final Fantasy 1-8 & 10. I don't like 9 or 11-14, and it's looking like I won't like 15 either.

    Considering every game in the franchise as relevant would make it Dragon Quest.


    Some of the games on the poll like Dark Souls and Mass Effect are not RPGs.

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    Dark Souls

    barneystinson69 said:

    Now I haven't always been a fan of RPGs (in fact I use to hate them). I tried getting into The Elder Scrolls, hated it. The Witcher, couldn't get into it. Final Fantasy, didn't bother at all. The game that got me into RPGs was Mass Effect, and boy it was amazing.  The trilogy is fantastic, with a story that is engaging, and easy to understand. Lore can be found inside the games codex entries, and there is tons of content. The Fallout trilogy is also amazing, and in fact my favourite RPG of all time is New Vegas. What is your favourite RPG franchise? I'll have a poll above, or you can post yours below.

    My favorite series is the original Phantasy Star games. The offline ones. But they are over, so Final Fantasy. You seem to like future scifi settings.

    The first 4 Breath of Fire games are almost better than the first 13 FF games. I want to say Breath of Fire, but it's a tough call. RPGs used to be my favorite genre.

    Nowadays EVERY GAME has "RPG elements" in it though, it seems. In fact, I hate that all FPS fans are SUDDENLY into RPGs now that they've added said "elements". It's like a game can't be awesome unless your shooting somebody every two seconds.