What is your favoruite RPG franchise?

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What is your favourite RPG franchise?

Mass Effect 9 5.03%
Fallout 7 3.91%
The Witcher 6 3.35%
Final Fantasy 65 36.31%
Kingdom Hearts 12 6.70%
Pokemon (not sure if you ... 16 8.94%
The Elder Scrolls 11 6.15%
Diablo 1 0.56%
Dark Souls 10 5.59%
Other (post below). 42 23.46%

Now I haven't always been a fan of RPGs (in fact I use to hate them). I tried getting into The Elder Scrolls, hated it. The Witcher, couldn't get into it. Final Fantasy, didn't bother at all. The game that got me into RPGs was Mass Effect, and boy it was amazing.  The trilogy is fantastic, with a story that is engaging, and easy to understand. Lore can be found inside the games codex entries, and there is tons of content. The Fallout trilogy is also amazing, and in fact my favourite RPG of all time is New Vegas. What is your favourite RPG franchise? I'll have a poll above, or you can post yours below.

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Kingdom Hearts.Its also my favorite franchise of all time

Fire Emblem.

Etrian Odyssey is very addictive as well.

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Final Fantasy.

So many great games in that series. Plus it's by far the #1 franchise for awesome mini games too.

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Yeah, I have to go with Final Fantasy as well. Felt really tempted to say Souls, though.

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Tons of them. Suikoden, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Elder Scrolls, Witcher, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Breath of Fire, Ogre Battle, Secret of Mana I dunno, Chrono Trigger, tho I didn't really liked Cross. And I guess Ni No Kuni even tho theres only 1 it's a franchise since the second games has been announced. 

Unpopular opinion, tho I really enjoy the gameplay, Im not a huge fan of the Kingdom Heart series.

Well, I don't have a favoruite franchise. I do have a favorite franchise though. :P

For RPG's, there are simply too many to think of. I really enjoy Mario & Luigi though. It's an RPG series people should play. It managed to give character development for Bowser, which is something I'll never forget



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No Persona ? :(

Kingdom Hearts. 3 of the games in my top 10 are from the Kingdom Hearts series. I love the combat, the charm and visiting Disney worlds.
Second place would be Final Fantasy. VI, IX, X and XII are in my top 20.

The Xeno series. Gears, Saga, Blade Chronicles. Love those games.