3 years have passed, how do you still RATE The Last of Us?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - 3 years have passed, how do you still RATE The Last of Us?

It's pretty much the perfect game. It's grown on me even more over time because I think that's what a good story does for a game. You can think about stories and relive them in your imagination when you're not playing them. You can't do that with good gameplay mechanics.

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It's a 10. Perfect? hell no, the AI is still bonkers, but the rest of the game is excellent.
I'm still having internal debates about the ending plus the pacing is damn good. MP was also a surprise gem that didn't get enough attention in my opinion.

Bring on a sequel or leave like that, I'm satisfied either way.


I really liked it. But it wasn't even my favorite in the year I played it (June 2014). A great game, but it's not my goat game, or even my goty.

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Still a masterpiece. By far the best and most emotional story I've ever experienced in a video game.

In my top 3 of the old gen... 9.5/10... a Master Piece..

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It's still a great game and I still recomend it


Definitely a 10/10.
As time passes it keeps getting clearlier and clearlier it's one of my 3 favorites games ever that are quite safe and sound above other games.

iNathan said:
Cloudman said:
I can see it was a well made game and people really enjoyed it. I thought it was alright. I was thinking about it fairly recently and my feelings aren't so great on it. The story felt alright, some parts being predictable and some just being unbelievable. Seems hard to believe how Joel got so far, eventually becoming a one-man army towards the end. The end didn't please me much either. I think I gave it a 7/10, and stick to it.

I played the Walking Dead the same year and still felt I enjoyed that more so than TLoU.

We all have different opinions and tastes :D 

I didnt like the Walking Dead per example...

Yeah, that is true. Not everyone is going to hold the same opinion on something.

What didn't you like about TWD? o:



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I only played it recently on the ps4 and its the best game ive ever played. I thought nothing could beat jak 2 and 3