3 years have passed, how do you still RATE The Last of Us?

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3 years have passed since i played probably the best game ever made, amazing gameplay with a sense of danger, always on low bullets, it seemed like you were always fucked up, pretty amazing what they did with the game in this aspect, superb graphics (even by today standards) and a jaw dropping atmosphere in hopeless forms of what life can become on day in the future, top notch story of course, the characters are just amazing and you are always wanting to know what the fuck happens next and also afraid that the little girl goes away and stays with his brothers...

Man i still rate this game a 10/10 <3

Along with Shadow of the Colossus, those are my all time favorites.

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It's pretty good. I'd give it probably like 86 or something.

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I'd say 9/10. It suffers from a slow start but once it gets going in Bill's Town it never lets up. It features a really smart combination of stealth, third-person shooting, and on-the-fly crafting that makes every enemy encounter different. The story is excellent too, of course, but wouldn't mean much without great gameplay.

So I'd say it's one of the best games of 2013 and probably in the top 20 of the seventh gen, and Naughty Dog's second best game after The Precursor Legacy.

One of the best game i ever played. There are few games that i tend to play multiple times, and fewer beyond rpg. I loved everything of The last of us. I still rate it a 10/10, a must play.

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 Basically, this his post just proves that this thread is just about bitching NIntendo.

Hadoram: uhm no. Thats called beeing objektive and those mentioned things all are facts.

Every company makes mistakes, speeking about them is not "bitching". I know this is hard to understand for fanboys though.

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So I (hadoram) was banned for what ? Somebody blamed me i would bitch about nintendo by just giving my opinion based on facts. I do this about every company. That called critism.

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Actually had the chance to play it for the first time recently. Tried not to go into it with super unrealistic GOAT expectations for fear of being massively disappointed.

It's definitely Naughty Dog's best game. It just made me feel so much more involved than their other games, and the way it pulls you into that world and that story is definitely 1st grade. The AI and stealth mechanics were fairly average, but overall those are just nitpicks, the game accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do, and does it beautifully. I'd give it a 9/10, which is about as high as I go for any non RPG

It's been THREE years? Dammit self, stop getting old!

OT: No idea, never played TLOU. Though I do know of it's impact on gaming, particularly God of War. Really don't need every Sony exclusive to become a walky-talky-feels-athon.

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The same I rated it back when I first played it. A great, enjoyable game with a nice, visceral combat system, a decent plot backed up with memorable characters, some good OSTs and well-done graphics, coupled it up by being a long but not boring game. There's the unfortunate flaws that held it back a bit, like the horrible microtransacted multiplayer (because it was a good multiplayer, actually), irresponsible friendly AI that sometimes broke immersion, some minor plot holes here and there and the extremely forced combat sections in certain sequences.

At my age and point in life now I'd say it's the best game I've played. Without going into great detail I've found as I've aged and still kept gaming as a hobby my reasons for playing games have changed.

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