What was the game that got you into gaming?

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It had to be Super Mario Bros on the NES. Thing is, I don't remember playing it that much.

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Super Mario Bros. for NES

Super Mario World


Previously to that it was leaning towards Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3.


My cousins had it and wouldnt let me play either game but my next door neighbor/classmate had a SNES with Super Mario World - I would go to his house and play the game with him.


My parents ended up buying the Super Nintendo Super Mario World bundle for me on my birthday :)!


I got into gaming like that.


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Mario Kart 64

Hello World

There was this NES cartridge that had Super Mario Bros, Tetris and Soccer on it. Me and my brothers loved all three games.

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I would say Pokémon Blue. It was the first game I've ever played when my brother and I got the Game Boy Color.

Skyrim. But I only got into that because of the mash up pack in Minecraft... So uh. Y'all wanna say it again how "casual games" are dumb? Lol

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Soccer and Super Mario Bros. on NES. I played on Atari and Commodore systems before. But Soccer and SMB both were so addictive so I think it was the beginning of my gaming hobby.

The earliest memory I have of gaming was getting my PS1 and playing Crash Bandicoot 3.

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