Limited edition Gears of War 4 Xbox One S Announced - $449, Shipping Mid-September

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Dammit to hell man

If I had the cash to buy a third home console this gen - it would be this lol

Dat red looks sexy!


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Ryuu96 said:

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The silver and blue controller is even better then the red one imo!! Both very nice.

I just wish they hadn't put the scratch mark on the console, still looks amazing though.

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Wish they would offer the 500GB version for $100 less as having a 3TB external HDD makes spending the extra for a 2TB console pointless and would probably push more hardware.

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I really like the design, but it looks dirty... if it's red like blood and have a white background, that would be sick!

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Veknoid_Outcast said:
It's so darn sexy! Maybe I can get it and sell the code or something? But then $400 for a console is kind of out of my price range. And I already have an XOne. Argh. I wish I was rich.

Download the digital game, then get the game down the line physical when it's cheaper. You get the benefit of being able to play the game without having to put / remove discs, while actually owning a physical copy!

The new XB1 slim is sexy as hell