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Which suit does Samus look best in? (Please see images below.)

"Zero" Swimsuit 44 28.76%
Classic Bikini 21 13.73%
Athletic Black 36 23.53%
Exotic String 52 33.99%

Now that we have exceeded 50 post on this thread... (Not that I had ever thought that wouldn't happen.)

Atago from Kantai Collection

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Next stop, 100 posts ;)

Infinite Stratos girls


Ikki Tousen for the PSP

Iowa From Kantai Collection

...with Atago.

Yoko (She's always in a bikini...)

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Akiko Minase from Kanon

Kagamine Rin from Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F Series (cosplay)

Our leading ladies from Persona 4

vvvvv Could someone please tell me who she is? vvvvv

Thought this thread was going to be actual members here in swimsuits...