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Which suit does Samus look best in? (Please see images below.)

"Zero" Swimsuit 44 28.76%
Classic Bikini 21 13.73%
Athletic Black 36 23.53%
Exotic String 52 33.99%

Volleyball Peach

For those of you who might remember, I created an avatar based on this image.  I was banned for it.

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Nep Nep

^^^My avy at the time of this post.^^^

From the Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2 Art Collector's Album

Nep Nep <3 The Peach one isn't that bad, can't see why they'd ban you for it.

Jessica Nigri (cosplayer)


Shadow8 said:

Highschool of the Dead girls. I'll post some non anime ones later :P

Blondes are normally not my favorite but...

So....nobody gonna post the obvious ones? Ok, I'll help

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Hancock from One Piece


The girls of Senran Kagura (002).












All images were taken from the Senran Kagura Shinobi Versus Visual Fan Book.

Sekirei girls




LivingMetal said:

The girls of Senran Kagura (002).



My fav girl :)


D. Va from Overwatch