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Alright, I know that everybody is tired of pokemon go threads, but please understand.

A month ago, everybody was hyped because VR at e3 was cool and vr icould be the future of videogames. But 3 days ago, Pokemon go, an AR game, surpassed the hype of VR. Now, I'm talking about mainstream hype, and I'm not saying that VR is not going to be big, but Pokemon Go is the classic example of "one game can change everything"  and that is not about technology, it's about the content and the way you use the tech. Maybe the game is not for the hardcore market nor anything too complex, but it's for everyone, and that's what VR needs to be mainstream.

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Being on mobile, being free, being Pokemon, those are the main points I attribute to the success of this game.

I am very skeptical of the possible success of VR as well.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:


Pokemon Go will not change anything. The same as a single VR game will not make it popular beyond what it is. AR will play a bigger role on smartphones more and more in applications even without the help of Pokemon Go.

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VR is doing pretty well actually. The estimated sales of the Gear/Vive/Rift are like 2.7ml. Its not anything huge but the install bases will surely grow overtime.

AR has been around for years, just like pre oculus VR. The current Pokemon craze will no doubt have imitators, but the AR element is just a flash in the pan.

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Free shit tends to do that to people.

Just like when someone dies all these fuckers come out of the woodwork trying to claim something from your dead relative. Of I'm freddy freeloader and I lent your dead relative this can I get it back.



MY feeling is take away the Pokemon name and all you would have is a AR game going nowhere.

I said this a year ago.

mjk45 said:
MY feeling is take away the Pokemon name and all you would have is a AR game going nowhere.

nobody is talking about the quality of the game, I'm talking about a game that makes the tech mainstream, and vr needs that because i don't see it.