Eternal Darkness creator is very excited for the NX and Shadows of the Eternal is still in development

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Denis Dyack is very excited regarding the Nintendo NX and while we can't say for sure. It's very likely that he and his team have been working with the dev kits.

When he was asked if he is excited for the NX he replied with the following.
"Am I really, really excited about the NX? I think so, I think probably more than ever, on any other previous console generation. I remember Mr. Iwata saying some things on how exc.., just seeing how excited he was on talking about the future. I know these guys, and I feel really good about what’s coming. So, and I think those that are concerned and worried, don’t."

About a year ago Nintendo renewed the trademark for Eternal Darkness once again and Denis Dyack stated that Shadows of the Eternal is back on track after it's failed kickstarter project. Let it be noted that ED and SotE are "technically" different IP's. SotE is a spiritual successor of Eternal Darkness but it's in many ways a sequel.... "Darkness is back".

Now the Silicon Knights is defunct. The new company goes by the name "The Quantum Tunnel". They have been responding to fans over the past month on their YT channel. While they won't respond to any questions regarding the NX, they do say that "Nintendo is a good fit."

I'm not a huge fan of the new art style, but as long as the game is good then it's all fine with me.

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He's fairly understanding on Nintendo's philosophies so there may be an EXTREMELY slight bias in favor of Nintendo but I dunno, he is a part of a pretty decent game/s. Excited really does nothing for me. People were excited for the Virtual Boy and Wii U.

Would be nice if it all comes together. ED was a good game all those years ago. Some very innovative ideas.

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OP: Well, excitement is better than passimism, so that's something.

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I feel like there have been quite a few of these types of comments lately about the NX. Sounds like a good sign to me.

It'll be awhile before I figure out how to do one of these. :P 

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Cool. Now how about you show something new of SotE? Hard to get excited about that game at this point.

I feel like the fact that Nontendo chose to step in and save Devil's Third and chose not to save Shadows of the Eterbal should give us a good idea of the quality of the final product...
I'd rather Eternal Darkness got a touch of HD than get a spiritual sequel...

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I've heard nothing but awful things about this guy. Poor business decisions, egotistical company management, and stealing credit on all sorts of things. Plus all the stuff in this article:

and this thread


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I think Denis Dyack does good when he's in a creative position and not in charge. That being said, I think's somehow hoping that Nintendo decides to pick up the game. I have a feeling that adding or subtracting a few minutes of cutscenes would be enough to make this game a direct sequel to Eternal Darkness.

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