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My SNES is still going strong. Still play it a few times a year. Hell, it's probably my favorite console to this day. I even have a back up SNES Jr

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Original Xbox.

My SNES is still booting. Those things are made from Nintendium. They'll outlive the pyramids. 

I bought it when I was 11. I'm 35. 24 years. 

I got my NES back in Christmas of 1988 and it still functions fine, so that's almost 28 years. I also have an Intellivision that was given to me as a hand-me-down back around '84-'85-ish. However, I'm not sure if it still works. Those old second-gen systems don't work with newer TVs, even many 90s-era CRTs, because they had those old RF switches with the fork connectors you had to screw down. I had a TV like this when I was a kid:

But I ended up giving it to a cousin after I got a new Toshiba back in Christmas '97 and my Intellivision didn't seem to want to work with it. Now I have an HDTV and I'm pretty damn sure the system isn't compatible with it.

When I saw this topic I got my old zx spectrum of of storage and fired her up...she still works. I bought her 34 years ago. Does that count?

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I had my NES for 5 yrs, SNES for 2, N64 for 2, GCN for 1, Wii for 5, PS3 for 2, WiiU for 4 so far and XboxOne for 1 so far.

See my sig for a link to my consoles/games owned.

My NES. Still working like day one.

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SNES is a study mofo :)

All of my older Nintendo systems are still going strong and Ive had most of them for about 18 years now.

All my Nintendo consoles lol.