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Baryonyx said:
Leadified said:

What? Weed is already legal in some US states and sooner or later will be legalized nationwide. On top of that how will legalizing weed take away profits from the alcohol industry? Weed is not a substitute for alcohol, it might be for tobacco but I'm not even sure for that either.

The bottom line for a business is profit anyways, not interest to keep an unwanted good afloat, if weed happens to be a much more profitable venture then most likely a business will switch to that type of product. Here in Canada, the government owned provincial alcohol stores are already getting ready to sell weed as soon as it's legalized, the premier has already proposed for the alcohol stores to sell weed in order to maintain their monopoly.

Yet FBI are allowed to travel to these States and confiscate all the weed from legal weed stores and close it down... Which have happens several times during the these last years. FBI follow the laws set for entire USA while the police are restricted to the laws within their own state. So just because it get legalized within a state, doesn't mean it will be legal within the eyes of the white-house.


Also, when it get legal, you can legally grown your own which is great but i doubt legal Marijuana will end up as a corporated owned products.. It will be locked behind prescription just like the rest of the drunk, So far it's still doubtful that liquor-stores will be legalized to sell weed within these 10-20 years because policies takes time to change.

I think it's given within the next two decades, it's futile to continue a war that cannot be won especially when the world around and the states in the country itself are changing at a rapid pace. All the US presidental candiates at this point support some form of liberalization towards marijuana and it will only become a bigger political issue as time goes on.

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Airaku said:
Baryonyx said:

I would if i could. It's sometimes quite challenging to begrammatically correct when your native language got a different structure  + Having problem sleeping and it's hard to pay attention to details in zombie mode. But yes you are correct, lack of proper Grammar will not provide me or anyone else any favors at all in term of straining our minds. I wish i knew english good enough to type in way that feels natural, so far i need re-valuate everything i type and it's exhausting if a conversation last for longer then a hour.


I wasn't exactly serious, but i am weird enough to give a very serious impression that i am being serious when in fact i am just tagging myself into the ring just to have something to do. 


Polititics is usually two-sides of the same coin, same amount of good and bad but different, it doesn't matter who wins, there will always be more bad then good in this world anyway... Talking about it just separate us more from each-other instead of bonding 

I was unaware that English was not your first language. So I will give you an apology :) I also suffer from extreme sleep disorders which I've been fighting since about 2006 when it started. Now it's been getting worse.... ugh. Anyways I can relate with you there.I was unaware that English was not your first language. So I will give you an apology :) I also suffer from extreme sleep disorders which I've been fighting since about 2006 when it started. Now it's been getting worse.... ugh. Anyways I can relate with you there.

As for what you said about weed and alcohol. That isn't the reason why it's illegal in United States and Canada (soon it'll change in Canada). The reason is because alcohol can be regulated, taxed, and controlled. Weed cannot. Anyone can grow it in their homes. I used to live in B.C. and if you went up into the mountains. Some people owned huge pot farms. These guy's would be making hundreds of thousands of dollars. If not millions, there's weren't small farms. They were huge! Millions of unregulated money that the government isn't seeing a single dime with.

Oddly enough Vancouver has vending machines in some areas that have small amounts of weed. While it's not legal in BC, they manage to get away with it in comparison of the majority of the country. Now that we have a younger prime minister with a more forward thinking mindset that goes with the younger generations (love him or hate him. It doesn't matter.) he knows resistance is futile and they can at least sell it legally in some stores and tax the shit out of it. Some states will likely be doing the same as some states are now legal. Even if the government legally only gets 15-20% of the weed market. That's a shit ton of money that they never had before. People don't realise that is millions annually and far less people get hurt or killed on weed, and yes you can still develop health issues with it unlike popular belief. Also no I don't buy or smoke. I just know the scope of things.


Jumpin said:
America's farms are failing even though we've stopped giving them water and have started giving them gatorade for added electrolytes. Electrolytes are what plants crave!

Well now. I assume that you've seen that movie "Idiocracy"? I've heard it's becoming quite popular these days. I saw it back when it  first came out in 2006 and I must say. It's not a good movie, but today it may be one hell of a very educational film. Some people will find this movie rather..... intriguing.

Addressing the point of Gatorade and plants..... shiiiiiiit. Yeah, it's not going to turn out well. Scientifically speaking of course. Not through silly Hollywood logic like this.


Don't worry about it, the more active you are on the internet, the more natural bad grammar will become, since internet is a International communication device 


Sleeping-disorders freaking sucks, to tired to play games and way to mentally stressed out to be able to sleep.


Actually, i was trying to say the same as you did, i just kinda hoped people already knew the details, i even struggled to remember the right spelling for the word patent, i am not even sure it's right.


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