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"Just buy a 360"

Predicted 15+ million lifetime-sales for God of War:


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Xbox one and Wii U reveal. Complete failure

Saturn's premature launch which left developers, publishers and retailers severely pised off.

Port all Xbox exclusives to Win10.

Zones said:
lionpetercarmoo said:
Not making PS4 backwards compatible like the fat PS3 was.

Oh what a terrible business decision that was. ;)

Haha. I know, right?

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OdinHades said:
Don Mattrick, 2013

Killed the entire Xbox brand in just a few days.

This is certainly a competitor for the top spot. 599$ is up there too.

Each of the big four made pretty serious mistakes along the way:

Cell Processor and $599 price tag for PS3

XB1 reveal (high price, low specs, bundled kinect that couldn't be turned off, heavy DRM)

Stabbing Sony in the back on SNES CD which ended up creating a rival that would surpass them (PS); backing cartridges instead of discs for N64; Wii U name, tablet controller, and weak specs

Complicated dual CPU's on Saturn, early launch with very little software just to beat PS1 to the market, no main games for several of their bestselling series that generation including Sonic, Streets of Rage, and Phantasy Star among others

MS handling of their PC game franchises.
I used to be an avid pc gamer, my pc upgrades / new buys linked to new versions of MS flight simulator. With Xbox MS lost all interest in PC gaming and so went mine. Then MS put the final nail in the coffin by trying to turn my favorite franchises into ftp / games as a service with MS flight and AoE online. That wasn't just limited to MS though, Sim city and Diablo got similar fates, HL2 ep3 never showed up, Spore disappointed.

Wii U, the name.

PSP/Vita has had some pretty "what were they thinking?" ads. That stupid squirrel ad or that unintentionally racists billboard.
The biggest blunder in recent memory had to have been the Xbox One's announcement.
Given how much gamers like to bitch and fight amongst eachother, it speaks volumes to how badly they cocked up that all of the gaming world was unified in their disapproval of Microsoft's initial vision for the Xbone.
I honestly think they're still paying for it today. Xbox One sales lag way behind the PS4, in my opinion, because the mental seed of MS being the evil ones and Sony as the cool guys who are like "just let gamin' be gamin' yo!" planted waaay back in E3 2013 are still resulting in people choosing Playstation over Xbox, even if they don't know it.
That really was a colossal misjudgement on Microsoft's part.