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Hey yall, just so ya know, there is a special deal on ms website starting august 2nd, where if you buy a surface and an xb1 you can save 300$.

So, any students who are looking to buy a laptop for this upcoming school year, MS will give you a free xb1.

You're welcome.

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Ok, just one bump and then I'll assume that nobody cares about free xboxes. kthxbye

Thats actually a pretty big deal.
What models of the Surface does this deal work with?


*googled it:

If you buy a new Surface 4 (900$ or over) + Xbox One, through the MS store, you can deduct the price of the Xbox One.

Well, it requires buying a $900 minimum tablet. I guess that's cool for people in that market though.

Its a kinda expensive tablet... but still... I could see there being a few students that might want to take advantage of this. Im just not sure if theres enough that will, to cause MS to outsell the PS4.

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Thats US only

Wont work

That's a pretty good deal if you have no interest in Scorpio.

They did the same thing with a 40 inch Samsung TV last year around that same time. I got my XB1 through that deal. I highly doubt a $900 tablet is gonna move enough XB1s to move the needle all that much.

I think it will move a good amount of XB1s, but what'll happen is the people getting the deal will just flip them on eBay (new in box) for slightly less than retail, so not sure how much it will really help.

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