Pachter: Zelda will move 10m NX consoles "pretty quickly"

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pokoko said:
Is Zelda really that popular? 10m "pretty quick"?

Seeing as no Zelda title has ever sold ten million copies ever (much less sold ten million consoles)...

Any amount of skepticism you have is reasonable...

Have a nice day...

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Its hard because people will just buy zelda for the wii u and they would probably wait until nx have some games that interest them

"Pretty quickly" relative to WiiU sales...


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Zelda is doomed

And there you have it, proof that the NX will fail.

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archbrix said:

Yep, Michael Pachter is speaking positive on Zelda BOTW and what it will do for NX sales.  So much for Nintendo's new big game/console.  

In all seriousness though, NX will likely meet or (probably) exceed WiiU's LTD sales in its first year, with Zelda being a major factor.  At least I hope so anyway.

Really? You want the NX to sell 13m units in its first year? A feat that only PS4 and Wii managed so far and to top it off with a game with a dwindling fanbase?

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That's it, Nintendo dead and out of the business, now let me cry please.

Confirmed that NX and Zelda are doomed. :)

Zelda will fail the NX ...

What all of the above said.