Gamestop Confirms: NX Will Have Physical Media (Probably Carts)

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Of Course that will use physical media, and most likely cards. :)

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SonytendoAmiibo said:
Eagle367 said:

They could have it how do you know? Didn't Squeenix say dragon quest XI will be on the NX

There are a lot of developers on the internet saying they have no idea what the NX is. That means they don't have dev kits. And this is the achilles heel that always screws Nintendo. Their paranoia. The first Nintendo console that had an optical disc drive was the Game Cube. Nintendo was so paranoid people would steal their games, they used the proprietary mini disc. In the end larger games would not fit on one disc, forcing devs to make two discs for one game.

Nintendo is so paranoid now that someone will steal the NX's gimmick, they are being stingy with dev kits.

What if Nintendo's paranoia means not talking about NX is in the NDA and third party developers have kits but they are under strict conditions not to talk about them even having the damn thing let alone any details of it

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wombat123 said:
Mar1217 said:

So it seems like Activision(Skylanders) and other indie developpers didn't touch NX's dev kit yet ... I'm not really surprised that some western compagnies won't be able to touch these until a long time. The NX seems to be merely focused with 3rd party from Japan as of now. 

Not surprised either.  After the Wii U, Nintendo looks like they're essentially circling the wagons for the 1st year of the NX's life by looking to themselves and select 3rd parties that they know will have their back.  They can't screw up and they probably don't want to depend on developers that let them down last gen.

The NX having only Japanese third-party support and Nintendo first-party is fine if the system is inexpensive. Most people already have another console for western third-party games and will buy the NX for Nintendo's games. Being everyone's second console will mean a lot of sales for Nintendo. 


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SonytendoAmiibo said:

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And how can you say for sure that they aren't under NDA and can't say what they know and just say they know nothing about the NX?

Square was the first company to talk about games for the NX, Tecmo as also comfirm development for it, Ubisoft already has annouced 1 game for the system (witch might be all they are aloud to until the NX is revealed)

You could be right and 3rd parties, or the very least smaller ones, don't have NX dev. kits or don't know what the NX is but to you also can't use devs saying that they know nothing or that they don't have dev kits as comfirmation for what you're saying since NDAs are a thing and Nintendo said that they didn't want to reveal the NX to soon because they didn't want people to copy what they're doing so the NDA is very likely a very strict one.