Wtf was Kojima's game...?

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That's some weird shit right there.. Butt naked guy with black hand marks and a disappearing baby... Dead seafood and 5 flying dudes...

I know he can get weird. But this is too weird.

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You mean too cool. We need creative concepts like this. But it's hard to say "what" the game is when we have no idea how the game plays (outside of it being some kind of action game) and how the story/world develops outside of the teaser.

And the game is gonna be Penguin Adventure 2.

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Something about the water lowering or something? Why were all those fish lying on the shore. That's what I got from it at least.

I hope its not survival horror.

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I saw five dudes in the sky, and i'm guessing he is gonna fight them.

That is good enough for now.

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Bad parenting simulator.

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Kojima was posting on his Twitter this week how there's many little clues in the trailers

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What did you not understand about naked Norman reedus walking past dead fish to get to the baby with the robotic umbilical cord it seems was cut out of his stomach which after some sorrowfull cradling turned into a baby oil ghost and crawled away towards the sea of dead whale carcasses with 5 ominous figures floating in the sky.

What's not to get?

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