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Does Nintendo care about their core fans ?

Hulk Hogan voice ( Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhh ) 87 32.22%
Hell to the NO 121 44.81%
Well to be fair, The Wii ... 62 22.96%
Naum said:
Please shut the F**k up... thread like this is why I go to this site less and less each month.

👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 THIS!!! 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

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Has TC even posted since creating this thread?
I smell a hit and run.

maxleresistant said:
KLXVER said:

So it would be as easy as making a powerful console to get every core gamer back?

Of course not, I'm not saying that, I'm saying more will leave if they don't do something.

A lot of people I hear on forums bought a WiiU and felt like it didn't leave up to their  expectations. They won't buy an NX if they feel it will be an obsolete system

Again, I don't know if you read me, but I'm not saying the NX should have great specs. I'm just saying, be more in the same ballpark,  make it easy for third parties to port their games. 

But yes people won't come back just like that, that's true, but if you don't start somewhere, and don't change something, the NX will sell even worse than the WiiU

I see what you mean, but Im not convinced that a more powerful system is the answer. Sure they might get more third parties on board, but would they sell enough to justify putting more of their games on it? Several of us Nintendo fans do buy third party games, but Im not so sure that we are in the majority. I think they need to get more studios and just keep pumping out great games. That will probably get the attention of both core gamers and casuals. And then if the console does well, the third party studios will take notice as well.

Ljink96 said:

Because I don't really care that much about graphics. Graphics don't make games. We're gamers, not graphicers. Which is why I'll support Nintendo until I die. They make fun games that don't need photo-realistic graphics to be fun. Nintendo started out as a company focused on content. The Sega Master System was way graphically superior to the NES but we all know where that went. Same for Wii. And no, this approach hasn't always worked but Nintendo's software always pulls through.

I don't need amazing graphics to have fun. Which ultimately, should be a game's first priority. Iwata said it best. BTW: Proud owner of PS1-4, and Xbox 360. If I want a console with powerful specs, I have either of those to fall back on.

That's not quite true.  The NES being more powerful than the SG-1000 was an important factor in its success.  It was the most advanced console on the market at launch and had two years to build its position before Sega was able to counter.  

Hardware progression has always been an important part of the industry and Nintendo has been a part of that.  Power, to a certain extent, drives gameplay.  It certainly doesn't hurt games to have more power.  

The real question is, how close does Nintendo need to be to Sony and Microsoft?  Should they be on par?  If they were on par, would that mean third-party support?  If they're further behind, does that give them an opportunity to make money as a budget option?

The only thing I will say for sure is that Nintendo has to go one way or the other.  Getting caught in the middle ground where they're not quite powerful enough but also not quite cheap enough is probably a recipe for failure.

sabastian said:

1) Why does Nintendo continue to release inferior Hardware, as compared to their competition ?

2) Why are Nintendo fans Not calling out Nintendo on their past history of low end hardware ? Past 3 generations Nintendo has had absolutely ZERO interest in releasing high end hardware.


Care to explain. 

You might want to reconsider your assumption that more powerful hardware is a necessity for all people, or even that it's necessarily just a good thing. If you do that, you might find your answers. Don't doubt just everyone else but yourself as well. Trust me, it'll make you see the world in a whole other light.

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well, Nintendo is awesome.

maxleresistant said:

and people, stop saying fans don't care and still buy the consoles/games.

Are we on VGchartz or what? those 3DS/WiiU sales are not great.

And when the rumors comes, eveybody Nintendo fans is like "yeah, it's going to have more power than a PS4, it's going to kick ass" and when someone say "well those Nintendo consoles have shit specs", they're like "specs don't matter". Let's be true to ourselves, specs matters, they always mattered, they mattered for the Wii and DS too, they had different specs, 2 screens with one touch screen? A motion sensored controller? All those were cutting edge.

Now again, not saying the NX should be a powerhouse like a Scorpio, that would be stupid. Nintendo needs to stay cheap, that 250$ 3DS and 350$ WiiU idea, wasn't a great one. But well it's not hard to make a 300 $ console with the same specs as a One and a nice gimmick for miyamoto and the casuals to be happy. Just don't put EVERYTHING on the gimmick like the way overpriced gamepad that was barely used, or the 3D of 3DS that was well, turned off by evrybody

So, let's do it

Impossible. The narrative will keep changing no matter what.

Makes you wonder, though. If graphics don't matter why not just keep releasing games for wiiu?

Of course graphics matter. Sales show it. People getting excited over graphics in various (NInty) threads show it (see "wow, look at Mario Galaxy running in x emulator").

No need to pretend around here. I mean it's fine to accept your favourite company's business model (I accepted Sony's approach with vita), but acting like you don't care? Come on now.

pokoko said:
That's the Macho Man voice ...

Also, not sure how much Nintendo's core fans care about higher end hardware. It's the people who left Nintendo that wanted more.

Regardless, NX should be on par with PS4 and Xbox One, so that appears to be over.

If the NX is on par with the PS4, 4 years after the PS4 released, I don't see how "that appears to be over".

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Nintendo has to deliver Nintendo games to cater to their fans. The WiiU was lacking in a new Zelda, more 3D Marios, a proper Metroid, 3D Pokemon Stadium and proper Star Fox.

They don't need to the most powerful hardware as much as they need proper games.

Whoever said life to be like a box of chocolates clearly didn't know what he was talking about. 

Life is more like a game of bumper cars. At every turn there is a possibility you will get screwed.

Lol. Have you not been on the internet for a decade? We do call them out, they give a shit!

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