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I see four possible scenarios: 

1. Ps4 neo sells well and Sony's success continues.

2. The masses decide to skip ps4 neo in favor of the more powerful Xbox Scorpio and the Xbox Scorpio go on to outsell the ps4 neo until ps5 comes out.

3. Microsoft gets tired of sony outselling them and purchases Square-Enix (Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts) and Electronic Arts (Fifa, Madden, Mass Effect, Battlefield, Star Wars) effectively ending the console wars.

4. The Nintendo NX amazes everyone and goes on to sell 200 millions units in 10 years.

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Microsoft outselling Sony? Are you drunk?

Imo Scorpio won't suceed, simply because the Neo provides a cheaper and better experience. And the NX will have a great start, but it's sales will drop within a year and third parties will leave Nintendo again because their games don't sell well on Nintendo consoles.

#1 is the most plausible outcome, obviously. #2 is extremely unlikely, #3 is borderline impossible, and #4 is obviously an intentional joke.

Microsoft purchasing Square...............? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, the 2nd is unlikely as well. 4th is borderline impossible, they won't get 3rd parties and most people don't buy consoles for exclusives, they're bought for multiplats with the OG Wii being the exception. The only likely scenarios are the sales are close regardless of who leads or Sony keeps dominating. The latter seems the most realistic.

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With Nintendo I think they are going to make a fortune off smartphone games, so much so that NX will almost be like a bonus to them.

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Why make it so easy? 1 is the only choice that's not 100% impossible.

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NX will sell N64 levels, PS4 will stay on top, Scorpio will be met with mild success

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I like scenario 3

Only 1 of those scenarios has any semblance of reality to it atm: 1.

Sony just has the software support. MS and Nintendo currently dont on the same scale.

Scenario #3 will never happen.


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