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The likelihood that men aged between 18 and 24 years are surfing with an Adblocker is around 100% higher than the average of all users. To this conclusion, the analyst firm Comscore comes in their latest survey "Advertising Benchmarks Q1 / 2016" . Among women in the same age group the figure is nevertheless still at 42 percent.

In addition, the level of income seems to have an impact on the Adblock usage. The survey suggests that in all markets studied the highest income bracket blocks the most in the internet. In the US, the spread is higher by as much as 27 percent below the average. In Germany the figure is only 7 percent, but in Germany the use of Adblock software also has a larger "tradition".



Fascinating statistics 

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I take offense to that because I'm not rich and no longer in my 20's.

The rich will keep getting richer cause their smarter for doing stuff like this ...

Ad Block is amazing. It makes unusable websites such as this... Actually usable.

Probably has more to do with being familiar with technology than anything else. I didn't have a computer until I could afford one myself, while kids from wealthy homes are often born with one already in the house. Wealthy schools give kids hands-on with computers much earlier, as well.

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VGChartz is to blame for rise in ad blockers.

Also time is money, i am not wasting precious 10 minutes a day on closing ads.



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Versus_Evil said:

I agree, see that gold supporter banner on my name, that's real gold son.

You would be richer just using Adblock though. The statistics may be right after all

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Rich equals better education thus better understanding of the possibilities on a computer?

Young males surf porn sites, so ad-blocker is a must for that. Wealthier people have more sense and smarts in general, so they use it with everything connected to the net. That's actually some unbiased data for a change.