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Congratulations on contributor, you seem like a good candidate for moderator and would get my vote alongside maybe Rolstoppable if there was ever an election.

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iclim4 said:

A well written opening mesoteto.
Personally, I think you're a good member who contributes a lot to this site.
You make threads more lighthearted with all the funny and cute cat pictures.
You have my gratitude for the all times you brightened up my day with your pic humor
and I am sure my day wasn't the only one that was brightened by your contributions.

With that said, I cannot give you my support.
I believe there are other more appropriate members in this site who are more deserving and more ideal for mod status. People like fkusumot, makingmusic476, ferret1603 or even Words of Wisdom.

I'm sure ioi and everyone here including me appreciate your care and willingness to contribute to this great site, But keep in mind, you do not need to be a mod to be able to help this site.
Moderating the forums isn't the only way to show that you care.
Take ferret1603 as an example and look at what she has done to contribute to this site.

Still, I am going to wish you luck in your run for modship.
Goodluck and Godspeed

@ rocketpig
If memory serves Montanahatchet asked for his mod status.
He asked ioi if he could be a mod, showed his contribution in the game database, was approved by some members and was granted modship by ioi the very same day.

If I recall correctly, Montana asked for modship specifically so that he'd have more capabilities when editing the games database. Since he was already the chief contributor to the database at the time (and I'm pretty sure still is), ioi granted his wish. It wasn't just, "I want to be a mod. Btw, look at all the work that I've done. That makes me trustworthy, right?" It was more like, "Look at all the work that I've done. Can you make me a mod so that I can improve upon it and the website even further?"

And this would've been before the contributor level was established, obviously.

Of course, I could be completely wrong. Anybody that knows otherwise feel free to correct me. :)

Also, I'd support fukusomot and WoW as mods. As for ferret, I don't know him well enough to make a decision, but he seems like a good guy.

@mosoteto: Congrats on the contributor status. Now start contributing to the games databse, etc. like mad, and maybe you'll be a mod one day. :)

mesoteto said:
^i don't own one, think they are pretty groovy

and as much as i would like to get your support it would be hollow for me to do that

thanks for the thought thou

 So what , everyone has to be a bit hollow when there is election time :P Anyways , youl get my vote just for beeing honest ;)

Mesoteto for mod!

Mesoteto FOR MOD!!!


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thank you guys , and i have been workin gon the database recently---i am making it my goal to get screen shots up for as many games as i can


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Keep it up, it will pay eventually

hey meso post some cat pictures? :D

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the mods already let me keep one going so lets not push for another to hard....just come to here



You got my vote.

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You still have my vote Mesoteto