If Donald Trump is elected, how long until he invades and conquers Canada? Would you support it?

Forums - Politics Discussion - If Donald Trump is elected, how long until he invades and conquers Canada? Would you support it?

With the US set to elect maniacal madman Donald Trump, whose plans include building a wall to block Mexico, and deporting and detaining non-whites and non-Christians, you are going to bet his next major act will be to invade Canada. There's a good reason why he is not building a wall up there, because it would just be a waste of money when he has to take it down after invading and annexing Canadaian lands.

But this also seems like something Donald Trump would have a lot of support in doing.

Judging by a poll at Debate.org, it appears that most Americans seem to think annexing Canada is a good idea.

Americans, do you agree? Would you like to see President Donald Trump gloriously double American lands?

Canadians, are you afraid of all those Americans who want to invade and take your resources? How do you feel about so many Americans wanting to attack you?


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Is this 1492?

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No, they'll leave when December rolls around.

Poor canadians, they are a nice pacific country, they dont need to be ruined by the USA :P

I guess this thread is a joke, but the fact that Trump could actually be the president of EEUU is something between hilarious and very scary, Trump represents everything the world hates and laugh about USA, absolutely everything, why are so many people in that country glad to become a parody of themself? Me no understand

Lucky for us that no presidentever follows through on what they promise. I'm not fan of Trump but he'll not be half as bad as he sounds. There are measures in place to ensure these things don't happen. Trump is just talking trash. He's an opportunist who realizes that xenophobia is what'll get him into the White House. No one should take him seriously.


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Wow... just wow... that video.

He feels like he is entitled to the oil of iraq and iran. How does he even propose to do that? Do you think the locals will just be ok with that? How many soldiers would the US lose to protect that?

This guy is really dangerous.

This meant to be a joke thread of some sort?

I think it depends on how if they decide to build a wall So I'd give it until the day before he is sworn in that they do that

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I sincerely doubt that he would invade Canada. Hopefully he doesn't, I don't want my city to become a war zone.

Wouldn't be until is second term.

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