This^ ....

I don't reply with it, it annoys me. 38 34.23%
I reply with it. It's legit. 37 33.33%
it show dad bee banana bell aw fence. 4 3.60%
Indifferent, myself. 23 20.72%
Off to the comments with ... 9 8.11%
John2290 said:
So, we all agree on this^. There should be a button you can press that says "this".

I think there should be a "Like" button. Something to acknowledge a good post. An something to show a little respect to a post that you either:

A) Don't have time to reply too
B) Don't have much to say or think of something to reply too

There are a lot of intelligent conversations, ideas, and thoughts that deserve respect. The occasional funny ones are okay as well. I don't mind a troll here and there. Unless it's a complete idiot who does it every 2nd post.