Will you be excited if Sony announces PlayStation NEO at E3?

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Will you be excited if Sony announces Play Station NEO at E3?

Yes, confirmations get me hyped! 92 28.66%
Yes, I'll get mildly excited. 58 18.07%
No, I don't get hyped about old news. 14 4.36%
No, I couldn't care less. 113 35.20%
Other 16 4.98%
See Results 28 8.72%

Couldn't care less. I'm waiting for NX.

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pokoko said:
I'm interested, as I don't have a PS4 yet.

On the other hand, it really doesn't matter all that much, as new games will have to play on the old PS4 and, presumably, the old Xbox One. Game-play and design limitations will be determined by the lowest common denominator. If Neo appearing means the base model PS4 goes down in price, I might buy that instead.

Me too, if that makes the PS4 get a good price cut that would be awesome.

No, i dont get excited about stuff i dont need.

Ljink96 said:
Bryank75 said:

Not on board? Yes they are, they all have dev kits..... 

Just cause Colin on KF said that a few devs he knows are not too happy doesn't mean all are the same way. 

EA Had WiiU dev kits... the customers are ultimately going to drive how well the PS4 NEO does. NEO has been said to be a headache for other developers, forgot the big company that said this, but having to make a game run at at certain FPS varying between consoles, would be a major headache along with VR. Unless PS4 is phased out, NEO is DOA if it doesn't have much to offer other than power.

Meh, if you think so.  Not long to go now.... 

They have to make games for all types of PC's, NX and Scorpio a year down the line. Sony has the largest playerbase and the fastest selling platform by a long way.... If anyone has to be fully supported by devs, it is them. 

Games will be on PS4 and Neo... nobody is left out. You buy the same game. Same peripherals and your library comes with you.... 

PS4 price is gonna drop and many people will upgrade along with first time buyers into the gen. I cannot wait. 

Luke888 said:
Bryank75 said:

You'll be waiting a year or more for Scorpio.... by then so many people will have bought Neo that it will be lead platform for developers. 

Sony will probably launch another upgrade for late 2018 or early 2019 if needed. 

Plus Xbox no longer has any exclusives...all hit PC too. No Japanese games either...

Do you think so ? I dunno, backlash could be huge if they did so, we're still sitting on 40M PS4 owners waiting to see if they've been screwed over or not...

"if needed" is the key word there. I don't think they will. Looks like this is the end of the road for xbox as we know it, from now on it will be a more abstract idea stradling the line between pc and xbox. Trying to find its own niche. Sony will have the core gamer market with Nintendo having their crowd with some overlap as always. 

In short I think MS are done taking on Sony head-on.

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Nope. It's bad news for the future of the market, so on thecontrary, i will be quite concerned.

I'd be happy. Playing that FFXV demo at under 30 FPS was awful.

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Yes, yes I will. Although I won't be surprised if they don't since rumors say they could wait for a different event to announce it.

Don't really care if they announce it or not.But I would love to know the specs.I wonder if the people saying they are screwing over 40mil,thinks MS is screwing over there 20mil with a whole new console.

I'm excited to hear what Sony pitches the idea as. Guessing they're going to say that they are extending the life cycle of PS4.

I'm also excited to hear specs. Will it be the base TFlops of 4.19? Or will advances in GCN 4.0 put it closer to 4.6 TFlops? Or will Sony clock it above the base 911 Mhz and get to 5 TFlops? I've heard from Osiris black they are considering going higher.

As someone who just bought a 4k tv I believe 4k resolution is not an option for a 2016/2017 system as you need higher quality assets (LOD's) before higher res helps. 1080p or 1440p (with upres) would be a better fit.

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