Star Fox Zero might be the end of the Star Fox series

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I doubt it'll be the "end". But it will give Nintendo the excuse to say, "See? No one bought SF so I guess we can put'em in the back burner for another 10 years"

Good. Bad games don't deserve sequel. Plus I like this type of bad news.

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Nintendo doesn't think of the terrible sales as crticism, they think of it that nobody wants Star Fox. Same thing will happen for Paper Mario. Two of my favorite Franchise just die off like that...

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I'm sure that last part was his opinion. Accurate, but not a fact

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Deserved. I'm sick of Nintendo's current approach. They better learn the hard way.

ouch, it won't even reach Bayonetta's sales

I hope that's not the case. I love Star Fox Zero. And there isn't exactly a glut of rail shooters on the market today.