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Leave or remain

Leave 412 53.72%
Remain 355 46.28%


If UK leaves they will be worse off than Somalia

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Turkish said:

If UK leaves they will be worse off than Somalia

With Bremain and uncontrolled immigration UK will be worse than somalia.

Machina said:

Pretty much every first world nation I can think of outside of the EU has the things I described. Only in the EU do you have to have political union and no border controls in order to have a free trading arrangement.

Democracy isn't perfect but at least you can kick out those who make the laws and govern you at the ballot box. Whislt we're in the EU we're chiefly governed by European level politicians and technocrats who at best ignore the UK thanks to QMV and at worst work against UK interests.

Sure the UK could freely decide its laws and trade agreements on it's own, like any other independent country, but the UK would have a much harder time pushing through their interests.

I don't think any country is truly independent from another, because every country needs things another country has. Thus you must either trade or wage war to get what you want and need, making you dependent on your partners or the number of your enemies.

Who knows what will happen, if the UK leaves it might actually turn out to be good for the EU and the UK, I just highly doubt it.
And if the UK stays, I hope that we can make the EU work for and be accountable to all
 european citizens.

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ukcobain said:
Hedra42 said:
Still undecided. There's been so much mud-flinging between the two camps it's difficult to know who to trust - if any of them can be trusted at all. Both sides have been called out on being somewhat economical with the truth of what might happen if we stay/leave.

When I find an unbiased voice of reason in amongst all the crap, that's when I'll listen and decide.

So you're decision is not free or independent ? You base it on what other people say ?

You should make your opinion based on facts, not other opinions...

It's the facts I'm after, not other people's opinions. That's why I'm looking for unbiased narrative. So far, there appear to be more fabrications than facts being flung around.

Gathering unbiased facts does not rob one of their free and independent choice. Better to make an informed decision than an ignorant one.

I think I am going to vote to Leave come the 23rd as I feel Britain will thrive more outside the constraints of the EU.

Plus David Cameron is campaigning for the remain side and he always makes shockingly bad choices so no doubt he will be wrong with this one!!

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Still undecided. But I think I'm swaying towards leave. I will be keeping a close eye on the debates in the run up to the referendum.

Fei-Hung said:

I'm voting to stay. People think that by voting out we will get less refugees and immigrants coming over, but it won't. All that will happen is people will find ways of extorting people to bring them over such as manpower and smuggling. 


Worse yet, EU will need to make some money so there will cost increases where we have gotten things cheap or for free. Traveling will become more expensive and all these British folk who love going to Spain, France, Greece, Amsterdam etc won't be able to do it on the cheap anymore. 


Last but not least, if Europe falls economically, we will struggle to. There will be more people knocking on our doors than before and for more reasons and you can only hold on for so long before people start slipping through. 


The EU is going to collapse regardless of if we stay or leave the key reason to leave now is so that when it comes time to bailout Italy, Spain and maybe France if we are out of the EU we can loan what we can afford rather than if we stay and are forced to bankrupt ourselves to bail out the rest.

StokedUp said:
I choose leave, yes it might be a hard year or 2 to start off with while the country adjusts to being fully independent and fully in control of itself but in the long run this presents an opputunity to really make something great of it. Look at Norway, Finland and Sweden, those countries are not part of the EU but do have a deal to do trade and business with eu countries freely and every year those countries are voted in the top 10 best countries to live in every year.

We have a chance to to take back control and make our own rules for our own people.

Both Sweden and Finland are EU members, and through the EEC, Norway has to follow pretty much every EU directive bar a few. In fact, Norway follows EU's rules better than most EU countries. (Which, tbh pisses me as a Norwegian off. Trade agreement: great, but when we have to follow all the rules set by people the Norwegian people didn't elect, made down in Brussel. Fuck that shit.)


If UK leaves EU only to join the EEC, I'll laugh my ass off. However I think it would be beneficial for norwegian sovereignity because we need a big player like the UK in the EEC so that we can't be pushed around as easily. So as a Norwegian, from a selfish POV, please join the EEC!

Also, the reason Scandinavian countries are some of the best countries to live in is because of the democratic-socialist governments and the egalitarian societies. Not because they aren't members of the EU (which, as previously stated, only Norway isn't (on paper)).

If the UK does leave the EU, how do they cope with the almost assured economic blow? If trade within the EU is cheaper, what incentive does the remaining members have for trading with the UK? Also, is this about isolationism? Thats never a good idea.

I am from switzerland, never have join EU and we fine... and switzerland is in middle of the europe :p

EU can only collapse anyway, most of country inside will go bankrupt a day.

They cannot even help Ukraine who have a civil war (or partial russian war) and its really sad.

They unable to resolve migrant problem...

So what the point of europe ? make the rich more rich ? i just not see atm what the europe give to poor class or even middle class.