Nintendo NX; Sony Playstation NEO, Microsoft XBOX ONE 2! Chose your favourite (poll)

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Chose your favourite:

Nintendo NX 260 41.34%
Microsoft XBOX ONE 2 116 18.44%
Sony Playstation NEO 253 40.22%

Mine is none of the above since we still don't know anything about them :/

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we dont know confirmed shit about any of them it is pointless voting.



How can you have a favorite if they've not been released or even revealed yet?

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can't decide unless they all officially announced...

I'm interested in all 3 but if I had to rank them in order it'd be Xbox>PS>NX 

Edit: Favorite would be Xbox Scorpio overall. 

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I voted NX in the poll, but the reality is that I really might change that, depending on numerous factors. I might buy a PSneo instead, depending on what the NX is and what games will come out for it, as well as what the PSneo is.

bet: lost

None of the above.

NX easily, I dying to see NX games and "new concept".

This is kind of silly. We know more about the Neo-PS4 only because the rumours are more believable. In reality we don't truly know anything about the rest.

Definitely the NX for me. Why? Because is such a mystery and anything can go for it. I'm pretty sure that it's in the lead, despite being close to 50/50 with the Neo-PS4 is because of this reason as well. Well for the most part.

I'm a little surprised overall. I was expecting the NX to win by a landslide in the poll because of that. I mean really, the mystery factor alone should make the reveal far more exciting than an upgraded console. Especially since it's the start of gen 9. Depending on such, The Xbox Scorpio and Neo-PS4 may be gen 9 instead of 8.5 as well. The Xbox Scorpio may very well be a next gen console and NOT an upgrade of the Xbox One.

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