Nintendo NX; Sony Playstation NEO, Microsoft XBOX ONE 2! Chose your favourite (poll)

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Chose your favourite:

Nintendo NX 260 41.34%
Microsoft XBOX ONE 2 116 18.44%
Sony Playstation NEO 253 40.22%

Mine is NX

Zelda - Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch.... Incredable!!!

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I wonder how this poll is going to turn out..

Predictions in order,


.. Ooops I mean the other way around.

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Lol. Which of these 3 consoles we know nothing factually significant about is your favourite.

Could you not wait 2 weeks until we at least know about 2 of them and possibly all 3?

Not excited for NX, my guess is that it will be underpowered and have no 3rd party support.

Pretty damn excited for Xbox Scorpio and Ps Neo, better multiplats, Ultra settings, 60fps on more games, more effects, better effects, shadows, Lod! 1080p or even downsampled images from 1440p.


We know nothing about them, so wait and see approach it is.

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It depends...

Is NX a hybrid console? that uses cartridges and can play all its handheld games as well?
That would make it a nice console for me. A uniformed game list, for both handheld & home console. Will Nintendo finally get 3rd party back? or atleast just some of those JRGPs that all seem to be heading to playstation?

PS4 will have its jrpgs, and exlusives that keep growing in size, be 100$ cheaper than the scorpius? and a year headstart? Its also got a huge lead in console sales (play with your friends also on it).

The only advantage Scorpius has, is its rumored more power.

If I get any of those it will be PS Neo, but I´ll probably just stick with regular PS4 until PS5.

Maybe I´ll get NX down the line if I am sure I can play every nintendo game on the home console, I dislike playing on portables and traditional nintendo home consoles usually don´t have enough games I enjoy.

As for xbox I will never get one again since if they have something that interests me I´ll just play on PC.

How about a neither since none of them exist at this moment.


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An odd poll, but I went NX. The Neo isn't getting new EXCLUSIVE games, the NX is.

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Since NX is the only new option here, I'd go for the new console with new games and a new idea. Not just beefed up hardware.