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it also has really great games

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Thank God 3DWorld is not Sunshine xD. I'm angry with Nintendo, though it has more to do with the crappy support this year, and the delay of ZeldaU. They might lose a costumer because of that. They won't care apparently xD.

Darwinianevolution said:

1. Technically 3D World is a real 3D platformer. It's just not a collectathon-like 64 or Galaxy.

2. Aren't really all Mario Party different from each other? That would be like saying a Final Fantasy is not a Final Fantasy anymore if they make it action RPG instead of traditional RPG.

3,4,5,6. The only home console that got real Pokemon games was the Gamecube, all of the other Pokemon games are on handhelds. Can't argue with the others, though.

7. Agree. Just the backlog of the DS-Wii (the two biggest libraries ever on Nintendo systems) should have been enough to keep the system going for a long time, and the lack of a GC VC when we have that GC adapter is really dumb. The lack of a DS VC on the 3DS is unforgiveable as well, it's naturally BC, why can't I buy digital DS games? No wonder DS piracy goes through the roof.

8. Do you really want more add-ons on the system?

9. No idea what you're talking about.

10. Well, they shouldn't force 8 player gameplay where it wouldn't fit.


Ljink96 said:
I agree with everything here. This was definitely an experimental time for Nintendo. Rumors say that the current software on NX is being made in the same fashion of the NES days in terms of relative quality and output.

Care to explain that with a little more detail? Because it sounds good.

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On the other hand, the best thing about the Wii U is that thankfully the GC is no longer looked upon as the "worst" Ninty console because it sold the least...

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You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.

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Mario 3D World was a great game. Stop denying facts!
Mario Party 10 was also a great game and we will get Mario Party 11 later this year. Maybe that game will be more what you expect.
Metroid, real Animal Crossing and Kirby are still coming, but Cross-Gen with NX.

Pavolink said:
Ljink96 said:
I agree with everything here. This was definitely an experimental time for Nintendo. Rumors say that the current software on NX is being made in the same fashion of the NES days in terms of relative quality and output.

Care to explain that with a little more detail? Because it sounds good.

It was a rumor a couple months back... here's an excerpt from Nintendo Enthusiast:

"The best part of the rumor report -- and potentially most surprising part -- is that Nintendo's staff is "highly motivated in delivering a fantastic system and games," and hasn't been this hyped over a project since the original Famicom. Given the uncertain state of the console market, the beating Nintendo took with the Wii U, and the fall of its bottom line in general, it's very heartening to know the company is eager to put its shoulder to the wall and push back."

"Finally, in case you were wondering, many of the NX's ideas were reportedly outlined by Nintendo's former President, the late Satoru Iwata. Employees are said to end meetings and brainstorming sessions with the battle cry "For Iwata!"

Nintendo returning to their roots in terms of software development does sound amazing and I hope this is their mentality for NX software development. I interpret it as making good, solid software that defines genres and sets the bar again. That was what the NES stood for imo. I'm feeling quite nostalgic now and nothing would make me feel better  than a Nintendo throwback to the basics.

Hopefully this loss will be worth for the NX.

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Yerm said:

When people talk about the Wii U and how much it lost out on, most people jump directly to Zelda. Its the first nintendo console not to have a dedicated Zelda game. But there are actually a lot more reasons to be upset over the Wii U's soon-to-be death than that. personally Im not the biggest Zelda fan, though i do enjoy the games i have played, i just dont want people thinking thats the only thing Wii U ownders didnt get. so now Im going to list ever way the Wii U did not live up to its potential.

1. No 3D mario platofrmer. We got 3D World but that was an experimental type mario game that mixed elements of 2D and 3D gameplay. it didnt count and don tell me it did. it was not Sunshine 2, it was not Galaxy 3, it was something nobody wanted.

2. No real Mario Party. Mario Party 10 is the definitive worst Mario Party game we ever got. it reused sound effects, graphics, and models from a few of the last party games they had worked on. not to mention people really didnt like the car mechanics and it seems like now we are doomed to keep it.

lets just get these out of the way- 3. no Metroid at all... 4. the worst Animal Crossing ever... 5. no real pokemon title either... 6. also no real kirby

7. Virtual Console is abysmal, you can get like what, not even 100 titles from each platform? i think GBA and DS line just hit 10 or 20 games.

8. on the bottom of the gamepad you will see an accessory port. no accessories were ever fully developed for it. it just exists. the Gamepad just has a useless port built into it. there were ideas for gamepad attachments, but most were scrapped very early on.

9. on the top of the gamepad there is wha I believe to be an infared sensor a lot like what the 3DS has. also never used. and dont tell me its to use with the sensor bar because i have been able to use motion controls on the gamepad without having the censor bar even plugged in. 

10. the Wii U can support up to 8 players and to my knowledge only 2 games actually utilize that feature, correct me if im wrong.

those are all the things i wanted to mention. now let me clarify this- this is not specifically a list of things Nintendo should have done, and I am saying anything about the hardware or specs. i focused on potential- things the console could have done in its current state, but didnt. 

The Wii U isn't missing out on zelda, no amount of denial will change that.

It has a 3d mario. It has a mario Party. It didn't get metroid, that was an animal crossing spin off, not a new AC. No nintendo home console ever got a real pokemon title but wii u got the awesome pokken tournament. It didn't get kirby.

Meanwhile, it got a new star fox after a long hiatus, as well as new games like splatoon, bayonetta 2, TW101, smt x fe... It certainly could have gotten better support from nintendo but the quantity of software is roughly on par with the gamecube and the quality is a lot higher.

7. Sounds like a useless thing to complain. It's not like the VC will get smaller with time.

8-10 seems like you just wanted excuses to complain.

Wow. Super Mario 3D World is definitely a 3D platformer, though not an adventure game like 64 and Sunshine was. And the game is incredible.

I get your other points though, its commercial failure is at blame for the lack of an expansive and continued software support even from Nintendo.