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VGChartz should changes its name to VGAds

Yes 119 56.13%
No 18 8.49%
I just hate the Ads 75 35.38%
Versus_Evil said:
outlawauron said:

Is that Legend of Heroes?


I'm playing through Trails in the Sky right now. Had no idea they had these cutscenes. Might be from an anime ova or something.

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I was complaining about redirects to porn sites several years Ago.

I have been told to check for Virus even though it only appeared here and others had the same Problems. 


I bought a new s7 some days ago and without installing any Software i got redirects to porn and casino sites.


This site has been ridicolous for ages now. 

must-have-list for platforms i don't own yet:

WiiU: Donkey Kong

XBone: Dead Rising 3, Ryse

I have started to see pop ads when I browse the site on my WiiU, it has never happened up until this point!

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