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Which one is best?

inFAMOUS, of course 23 33.33%
inFAMOUS 2 wins this one 40 57.97%
I haven't played them, a... 3 4.35%
See results 3 4.35%

InFamous 2 was abetter game for characters than all of the rest. Such a great game that made great use of the PS3's power. You could remaster that game today and it would still be beautiful on the PS4.

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Hynad said:
First game had better story. Second game had better everything else.


So overall: inFamous 2 > inFamous 1


Infamous 2 but the lack of verticality was disappointing and falling in water wasn't fun.


The PS5 Exists. 

Loved both (obviously) but 2 is just such an awesome game, tempted to go back and play it again now.

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Going with the original here.