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Rise of the Tomb Raider 158 22.19%
Uncharted 4 554 77.81%

I have always being a PS brand follower. Being said that, Ive got a XBO for the MCC... just for that collection Ive got it, and Im very happy with it. When CD decided to launch RotTR first on XBO, I bought it first day. It is a solid game, good narrative, very fluid, and a very polished game... But in the other hand, with Uncharted, you just have to let you go, the game at moments feels like you are watching a movie, sometimes, the enemies have to kill me for me to actually realize that Im playing a video game. The voice acting, the characters, they at times look like live action actors. If you look for innovative gameplay, youll have to go with Lara, but if you look for the classic "cliff hanger" formula, just stick with Uncharted 4. For me, a better and smoother game. I can literally spent hours justs admiring the landscapes, just before going into action...


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-Ack!- said:
Mr Puggsly said:

I'm confused by this post. RotTR has a lot of exploration and side stuff to do.

Uncharted 4 is a linear game with some open areas and not much else to do other than move forward.

Also, the combat in Uncharted 4 feels shallow having completed RotTR first. Waiting in grass trying to get a kill is a lot more fun when I have a stealth options like a bow.

I think he meant it in the context of the story Uncharted being like Indiana Jones movie and Tomb Raider having an identity crisis.

About the linearity... In TR 2013 it feels like the game is full of different large rooms with small linear paths connecting each of them, it's not that open world as you think, but the ability to revisit these places and leaving the story behind to come back and explore gives it the illusion of open world, but aside from the optional tombs there isn't anything relevant to do, now Shadow of Mordor is an actual open non-linear game, TR is a wannabe.

And about the combat...For sure you can't use bow in Uncharted but on the other hand you can't loot weapons from enemies, shoot while hanging from a ledge, do assisted melee takedowns, fire from the hip, blind fire from cover, do silent drop takedowns, shoot while hanging from a rope etc. in TR. So claiming that Uncharted has shallow combat means that you just can't take advantage of it's vast opportunities.

IF ROTTR is the same in terms of combat and map design as it's predecessor I have no idea what you're talking about in your post, BUT if it does actually make significant changes in these areas I'll totally understand your opinion.

I disagree. TR is kinda doing what it always did with the story.

TR 2013 is more linear than RotTR, but still offers a lot more exploration than Uncharted. Mordor is a true open experience, different style of game. In comparison, UC offers the least of all the games mentioned for gameplay.

You don't really need to loot in TR games because you equip various weapon types (bow, rifle, shotgun, pistol, traps, modified ammo, etc). In Uncharted you basically just loot rifles and occasionally something else like a shotgun or grenade launch. In TR you always have various types of weapons and traps which allows for different play styles, Uncharted offers little variety in weapons and you're generally stuck with pistol and rifle. Uncharted often feels like a gallery shooter and no quiet weapons makes stealth moments boring. Trying to take advantage of Drake's CQC isnt always easy to do when you always have guys shooting from long distances, not practical to use CQC. A lot of the combat situations or abilities you mentioned are in TR and more, TR flatout offers more depth in combat and exploration.

TR and Uncharted are just something different. If they ever made a linear Tomb Raider with no world to explore or upgrades, we would basiclaly have an Uncharted game. Which is fine, but people seem adamant to prove Uncharted has great depth when it really has very little. Uncharted is like Gears of War, its just a fun linear ride with quips along the way.

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Ok just finished Uncharted 4. For a while there it was a little sketchy, but the game came roaring back in the last 6 chapters.

So I'd give the win to Uncharted 4. On the technical and story sides it's a clear win, and Uncharted also tops Rise of the Tomb Raider in gunplay, traversal, and sheer spectacle.

Overall, I'd rank the games as follows.

1) Uncharted 2
2) Uncharted 4
3) Uncharted 1
4) Rise of the Tomb Raider
5) Uncharted 3
6) Tomb Raider (2013)