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Do you still buy amiibos from the Smash series?

Yes. 55 74.32%
No. 19 25.68%

Hey guys, I've started not so long ago to buy and colect Smash Bros amiibo, but I won't buy every amiibo, I would if I lived in the States. But I'm from Argentina, and they're quite expensive here, so I'm only buying the ones I like the most. There are still two amiibo to come, Cloud, Bayo and Corrin, but since everyone stopped talking about the Smash Bros line, I just wanted to know, are you still buying amiibo from this series? And are there some really cheap ones there in the US? Which ones for example, and how much? Thanks in advance!


Edit: I forgot about Cloud! XP

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I have every Smash amiibo ever released so far except for Peach, Zelda, and Samus.

Once I get those three, along with Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta, I'm done with amiibo.

As for which ones are cheap, it really depends on avaliabity I guess.

Some of the more recent ones like Ryu and Famicom ROB are readily available, and I think I've seen them drop price on Amazon sometimes. There's also ones like Marth and Falco, who just sit on the shelves of Best Buy, all dusty.

Haven't bought anything from Nintendo lately, still want TPHD and Pokken though.


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I bought Samus and nothing else. They don't really represent anything of care for me


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I own 13 amiibo, 9 of which are Smash series. Honestly, if I see an amiibo I'd love to have, then I'll buy it. Though the only amiibo I don't have that I really want is Toon Link, who hasn't been in stock over here in months upon months.

If you want to know about prices of certain amiibo in the US, I'd recommend heading over to nowinstock.net. Prices tend to fluctuate over here.

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No, I already have every amiibo I wanted.


Waiting for the Meta Knight amiibo from the Kirby series :P

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A gift to a special someone ...

Just waiting for the Bayonetta one.

I did about the same as you and only bought the ones I want. I am totally getting Cloud and Corrin though. x )



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I need robin, lucina and the 3 upcoming ones. Might get waddee, callie , and marie. Then i'm probably done. Most of them are pretty cheap here. you can still find quite a few. Falco, ike, , Mario, greninja, Pikachu. all retail for bout 13$