Do you nickname your Pokemon?

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Do you nickname your Pokemon?

Yes 20 22.47%
No 69 77.53%

i let them decide their own names

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Faust said:
i let them decide their own names

I dont think that turns out very well.

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Nope - I use the default names.


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Leadified said:
I nickname all the ones I use, makes it feel a little more personal.

^ Literally this

Every. Single. One.

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Faust said:
i let them decide their own names


I used to only nickname the Pokemon I intended to keep on my team, but now I tend to nickname every single Pokemon I'm able to catch. It really hinders my ability to learn the Pokemon's real name, but I also think it gives it more of a personal feel.

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Unless I'm doing a Nuzlocke run, nope. I also hate it that if you receive a traded Pokemon you cannot remove its nickname, drives me crazy.

I was a nerd and gave my favs Japanese names. Well, at least I learned some words. Tonbo means dragonfly for example. xD That did me a bit of good...

Also, I do it for nuzlockes. Rest in peace, Johnny ;_;



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Of course I nickname my Pokémon. Everyone should. I think it's extremely stupid that Pokémon reinforces that Pokemon shouldn't be nicknamed by not having every trainer you battle have nicknamed Pokemon and by not forcing you to name everything. It doesn't make any sense. They're supposed to be like pets. They're individuals. Not naming your Pokémon goes against everything Pokémon is supposed to stand for.

Also, Pokemon don't speak their own names. That's an anime thing. A stupid anime thing.

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