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Lawlight said:
That's all? I was expecting it to lose a lot more.

The film only cost $15m to make. The marketing can't have been much either honestly. 


The game has surely recouped any possible losses Sony would've had - but Sony wouldn't have had losses since they just licensed the film. 


It IS a weird disconnect seeing a hugely successful game tied into a horribly failed movie. Not that the movie is bad, it's passable for fans but not really much to write home about (essentially, the best game movie so far, as sad as that is) - but the overdeflated RT score will write this off as a failure either way. 

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Without a lot more money sunk into marketing, it's release timing ended up being really unfortunate.

I guess it could have been worse. At least the game series is not going anywhere.

Honestly I think they should have gone with a PG-13 rated movie and should've captitalized on the many sexual innuendos of the games. It would have had more traction with the core fanbase and wouldn't be competing directly with movies from other major animated studios such as Disney and Dreamworks.

The game on the other hand doesn't have the same kind of competition in its respective market so its success was more predictable.

barneystinson69 said:

Awful movie from what I've heard. Almost exactly like the game.

Which is weird because the game is awesome. But all the film is are most of the cutscenes from the game and some more footage. I liked it and my son liked it but I don't know anyone else who's seen it.


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hopefully when they sell it to tv's and put it out on dvds.. it earns that back and makes a tiny bit of profit.

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barneystinson69 said:

Awful movie from what I've heard. Almost exactly like the game.

At least the game is fun. An awkward movie is just an awkward movie. lol

It annoys me how the game had to rely so heavily on being with the movie, the story was the weakest part because it felt like it had no freedom of doing its own thing and had to stick to the story line from the movie.

At least with the next Ratchet & Clank game hopefully it won't be like that again and can be its own thing.

Also i'm honestly not surprised since every trailer I saw for the movie looked pretty bad in my opinion, but I didn't want to judge it too early so I waited until it came out to see what the reviews were and it looks like I wasn't wrong.

Makes me wonder how the Sly movie will do. Maybe it would be better to just go direct to DVD on that one...

I saw no adverts for it before it released and then started seeing many a week after it came out.


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I am in the UK, can I even watch it here?


Not seen any adverts or marketting for it. If people dont know about it how can they spend money on tickets exactly ?


I would love to see it