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Donkey Kong Country 40 5.84%
Donkey Kong Country 2 86 12.55%
Donkey Kong Country 3 8 1.17%
Banjo Kazooie 223 32.55%
Banjo Tooie 86 12.55%
Goldeneye 007 64 9.34%
Perfect Dark 47 6.86%
Diddy Kong Racing 17 2.48%
Conker's Bad Fur Day 65 9.49%
Other 49 7.15%

I'm going to have to say Conker's Bad Fur Day. It's a fun game and there's nothing else like it at all. Not to mention something like it will never be possible in today's politically correct gaming world.

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I have the fondest memories of either Donkey Kong Country or Goldeneye. Although the latter hasn't necessarily aged that well in certain aspects, at the time it was absolutely amazing. I should also mention Blast Corps, since that game never seems to get the recognition it deserves. Easily one of Rare's best games, but it's often forgotten when talking about their classics from the 90's.

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People cant make up their mind :P

Tells you something about how good Rare, used to be at makeing games.

Donkey Kong Country 2.

Besides having a great overall presentation that holds up to this day, it is a serious contender for best platformer on the SNES (a system with lots of great platformers). Tight controls (whereas many Rare games feel somewhat 'loose' to me), good and fair challenge (with an excellent curve), tons of secrets to find, decent variety of stages even within 'worlds,' and both the quality of writing and the overall creativity of the project is amazing. Easily Rares' best sequel in terms of improvement over the original.

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Jet Force Gemini because of it's spectacular atmosphere, fantastic gunplay and brilliant levels.

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At the time of release, I'd say Perfect Dark. It hasn't aged all that great though, so I'd say the timeless classic DKC 2 is their masterpiece.

Man, Rare was so damn good. I'd give first prize to Banjo-Kazooie, second to Perfect Dark.


The game series ex rare devs went on to create on the other hand... perfect.

hsrob said:
This was actually really hard and if you asked me another day I might give a different answer. DKC2 was great, loved the Banjos, loved DKR and while Perfect Dark is in many ways better I gave my vote to Goldeneye because it came first. Stunning single player adaption of an underutilized license and awesome multiplayer put it way ahead of everything else at the time.

Honorable mentions to all the DKC games, the Returns games (Not DK64) and Jet Force Gemini.

The Returns games are not made by Rare. They are great though