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As an Australian, he seemed to do an alright job. Could have done better, sure. Also could have done much, much worse.

He was "cool"... I suppose. Seemed a bit fake and forced at times though.

Reading through some other posts, looks like he did a lot more good than harm and has laid some solid foundations for the next president to come along and probably fuck up... I really fear trump as president. I hope it's misplaced.

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I'm not american so I can't comment much about his government, but he seemed pretty fine imo. Way better than Dilma Rousseff that's for sure, thank goodness she's getting impeached.

He's been average, not as bad as the right-wing made him out to be, but not nearly as good as all the praise Democrats and liberals love to heap on him. He'll be remembered for getting Bin Laden and the Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage, but he's also been way too divisive a president and will also be remembered for the terrible Iran and TPP deals, and for ramming Obamacare down the throats of the American people which is now on the verge of collapse as more and more Drs and insurers leave the program.

Ironically after 8 years his successor will have just as big a "mess" to clean up as he had from Bush when he took office. The economy is still sluggish and signs are pointing towards another recession in the next year or so, race relations are at a 50 year low in this country, and global Islamic terrorism has thrived under Obama's watch.

On 2/24/13, MB1025 said:
You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.

In my opinion, he's no worse than the last one, other than his Obamacare Healthcare crap, which i still haven't signed up for, as it's cheaper for me to just pay the fine. He was left a shitstorm in Iraq, from Bush, with the whole supposed, Weapons Of Mass Destruction, which never existed. Bush pretty much helped create Isis, with that move, imo. Give me back the Bill Clinton years, when we had a surplus, rather than being trillions in debt.

I think its funny how a lot of none americans are quick to answer here in this thread, he isnt your president if you havent noticed

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Vini256 said:
I'm not american so I can't comment much about his government, but he seemed pretty fine imo. Way better than Dilma Rousseff that's for sure, thank goodness she's getting impeached.

Because a coup is exactley what a Latin American country needs again

America is more divided than ever. The world is more divided as well. I think in 30-40 ears he will be remembered as one of the biggest mistakes in American history, and possibly the biggest case of affirmative action ever.

JWeinCom said:
I'm really digging the fact that if I can afford my medications, and that if I get into a freak accident tomorrow I won't be in debt for the rest of my life... so good on that one.

Kind of confused that since Obama is black he's expected to completely fix race relations. Most of the issues we've been dealing with have arisen from local levels. Not that the president has no power in that regard, but it's pretty limited, regardless of his race.

He has flamed race relations by injecting himself and the justice department on these local level issues. Its sad that he had a chance to try and bridge the gap, but instead of being a :Martin Luther King" he has been an "Al Sharpton". very sad

He is much of the same as the last few presidents before him in terms of actions. There is nothing radically different about him. He's a warmonger who likes to spy on Americans, overspend, and mandate how we should live our lives. He is okay (but not excellent) on a few things like free-speech, federalist drug policy, and something else I am probably forgetting. As far as race-relations go, he isn't really an African-American (in a ethnicity sense, his father was Kenyan and his mother German-American) and therefore hasn't really done much to help them. You would think with an African-American wife she would pressure him to do more. Ending the drug-war, reducing police militarization, and setting an example for a cohesive family in the African-American community could've done much good for them. Instead race relationships are quite hostile right now in the U.S, and Obama decides instead that he wants to focus on non-existent issues like gun control at gun shows - as if that is the cause of all of our violent crime woes.

Unfortunately, both of his potential replacements are probably worse than him. I'd probably slightly support Trump more because I think he has potential to destroy the system. We know what we get with Hillary, and it is more of the same shitty policies that the U.S has been doing since WWII, and very emphatically so since Reagan.

All these "the country is divided" comments are weird. If your country is divided it's because your extremist right party is not supporting the president, that's on you, not on him.