So do u like the new pokemon trailer?

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I think only one person is needed to correct Mr.Yoshi, but maybe I'm crazy.

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Kai_Mao said:

Tbh, Pokemon X and Y started the more 3D feel, Sun and Moon are just a natural progression using less chibi figures and more realistic human figures outside of customization mode and cutscenes.

im looking forward to these games. Really like the replication of the island of Oahu, the most populated island out of all the islands. Hopefully we can go island hopping and see more, including the Big Island. The starters look pretty cool and the legendaries look pretty badass.

I really don't give any credit to XY. They did the equivalent of releasing ALBW on the N64 instead of Ocarina. They just rendered an ancient formula into 3D models and called it new. That deserves no praise and wasn't a necessary step. Absolutely skippable.

Well, this is new.


Team Sun/Rowlet for me. Digging the Hawaiian focus, it's been a long time since I've played a Pokemon game with multiple islands.


My one gripe would have to be the advancement of the visuals being stifled by the DS, I love my 3DS games and all but sometimes too many jaggies can deter me from enjoying the scenery. 


Litten has a "Get me the fuck out of here" face. I love it.

I love owls so I think this might be one of the few gens that I go for the grass starter.

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Einsam_Delphin said:
I think only one person is needed to correct Mr.Yoshi, but maybe I'm crazy.

I know right, almost feel bad for him now.

So SaberLeomon filling in as a Legendary huh? Well I guess he needed a second Job.

Loooove the setting.
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SmokedHostage said:

Rowlet is the cutest Grass type starter ever.

Also, the region's name being Alola is dangerously close to Aloha.

Agreed, the others don't even come close!

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The starters look much better in their official art than they do being bastardized on the 3DS.

Well, this is new.


Definitely going for Pokémon Sun.

Will be choosing the water type starter Pokémon.