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Investment for the Zelda team?

Yes, but I'm ok 27 65.85%
Yes, I'm not ok 7 17.07%
No, because... 7 17.07%

I would have preferred for a 2014 Zelda Launch, or 2015... but they put in a few Zelda remakes that I have yet to get, but am interested in :p

Not the worse case, but is annoying

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I just love your threads

I agree the Zelda team, or, Aonuma at least, had no focus this gen.

I feel they tarnished the image of the franchise, hopefully it hasn't led to fatigue yet when Zelda UNXHDwhateverwecallitnow is finally released. We could have done without at least two of those releases: Triforce Heroes and Twilight Princess HD. The first because it sucks, not only as a Zelda game, but as a game in general. Total waste of time and resources. The second because it wasn't necessary, and too new evidently to give it's rerelease a relevant, satisfying update. Then there's Hyrule Warriors Legends, a port which we didn't need, but I could accept it as a multiplat.

I am okay with Hyrule Warriors. Each gen can have a nice spin-off; Crossbow Training last gen, Tingle the one before, and it was fun. Anyway I can also see the wish for Ocarina 3D, it was an old enough game to do something fresh with, and if you release Ocarina you got to release Majora's Mask as well.

Like i have said a dozen times, they need two seperate teams for Zelda.

The studio that makes 2D Mario is not the same that works on 3D Mario, the same needs to happen for Zelda.

Aunoma can be the head of 3D Zelda, another person can have a team working on 2D Zelda. They can split up the work in overseeing remakes/spinoffs.

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Luke888 said:
I don't see those remasters beeing a loss in development for the new Zelda from EAD3 since they were developed by GREZZO and Tanalus. If someone from EAD were to have worked on the ports alongside those two companies I'm shure it wouldn't be many people (max 10 imho) and it'd be for a very limited ammount of time.
If you want to know why Zelda U took so long it's because:
1-Wii U's failure, I'm confident the game is already ready for release on Wii U since holiday 2015/early 2016 but since Wii U failed they need to push it so that they can release it on NX;
2-EAD3 didn't have experience making HD games, just like the whole of Nintendo before the Wii U was a thing;
3-Zelda U/NX is EAD3's first attempt to making an Open World game (which also translates to their biggest game to date);

All of this.

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lonerism said:
I just love your threads


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I think Aonuma's priorities are this
1). Make Nintendo a lot of money on the Zelda franchise
2). Make the best Zelda games possible

So if a proposal to use the Zelda IP comes up, Aonuma practically rubber stamps it. To him it's just a few dozen more emails and a few extra short meetings a month. What other time he has he spends on the big, new Zelda games like ALBW and Zelda U.

Aonuma justifies it all as 1). 'drawing inspiration' from the various games for the next entry. Which is sort of true, but really the answer is 2). making Nintendo and himself lots of money.

This is precisely why Zelda got delayed out from 2015 to 2016 and now to 2017. It had little to do with the completion of the game's development. TP Wii first taught him there's far more potential in a Zelda game on a new invigorated platform than a withering one. Skyward Sword really underscores the same point, it hardly sold any better Majora's Mask did despite the Wii having 3x the install base of the N64.

Aonuma also realizes that in terms of technical scope, the Zelda team unfortunately has a lot of catching up to do. Big reason for SS's poor performance should be obvious: it released at the same time as Skyrim and Arkham City. From that time onward, I'm pretty sure Aonuma put a lot of pressure on himself that the next home console Zelda should have as much technical scope as other AAA games on other consoles (regardless of what his other colleagues at Nintendo thought). HD / AAA development is something I'm sure Aonuma had wished he had transitioned his team to sooner. TBH, I don't think Nintendo probably even let him pursue that scope of development until sometime in 2013.

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

It's all Hyrule Warriors fault, fuck that boring ass game. And partly tri force heroes, that one sucks too. The remakes I can live with if they are introducing young gamers to real Zelda games.

I like the remasters where they are needed. 64 games needed it very bad. Wind Waker did not need it. Twilight Princess Needed it sorely.

Spin offs do nothing for me. Nintendo knows what they are doing and I'm not entitled to have everything go my way. I'm looking forward to the next installment. It'll come.

Pavolink said:

Well, as far as I know:

OoT3D - Grezzo

TWWHD - Zelda team

Hyrule Warriors - Tecmo

MM3D - Grezzo

Triforce Heroes - Zelda team

TPHD - Tantalus

HW Legends - Tecmo

Aonuma was involved with every one of them and even the Zelda team developed a character for Hyrule Warriors, or so I remember reading.

Small correction: Hyrule Warriors was made by the Koei side of Koei-Tecmo. Warriors games existed since before the merger of the two companies.

Big correction: You left out A Link Between Worlds which was done by the Zelda team.

Aonuma is the producer, but overseeing several projects isn't as taxing as you think. A producer does not have to be present at all times; the position who has to do that is the director. The producer can dictate the direction of games though, so if he isn't happy with what the director has done, he gets the final say. Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo's general producer who oversees all of Nintendo's games, has even more power.

Development times increase when director and producer aren't on the same page. IIRC Aonuma held a GDC speech where he explained in detail how important it is that the Zelda-puzzle-solved melody plays at the correct time. Besides that, he also likes to mention that the next Zelda will break the series' conventions. What I am trying to say is that I don't have faith in Aonuma when it comes to focusing on the really important things, and that his general approach is often at odds with everything that you could call smooth development.

Take the previous generation into consideration. Development times for Wii games were lower, but it still took the Zelda team five years to release a new Zelda game for a home console. The overall number of Zelda games released during that timespan was also notably lower than it is this generation (like already mentioned though, most of this gen's projects were outsourced). So what gives? IIRC Aonuma wasn't sure if the Wii Zelda should incorporate motion controls, so it took a long time until the core gameplay was in place. Obviously, it isn't easy to create a game when the bulk of developers has yet to learn how the final game should be like, so the whole development process is slowed down. Core gameplay plays a big part in which items are incorporated which in turn has a notable impact on the puzzles that are put into the game. Puzzles influence the dungeon design and... well, you get the point.

So in summary I wouldn't blame the remasters and spinoffs for yet another long development cycle for a new home console game. It's still the same inefficiency in development that is at fault, and Aonuma gets that leeway because Zelda is very precious to Nintendo. How else could one explain that a comparatively small IP like Zelda is granted the biggest development budget of all Nintendo games? When Aonuma had to earn his spot, he got a deadline forced on him; Majora's Mask had to be finished within 15 months or so, so none of the developers had time to fool around; they defined a few clear goals and worked towards them. Nowadays there is no such pressure, so the Zelda team toys around at their leisure.

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