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Trump or Clinton

Trump 444 33.61%
Clinton 487 36.87%
Undecided 109 8.25%
Not of age or not American 281 21.27%
Scoobes said:

You're very angry. I think you need to stop reading UKIP propaganda. It's mostly bullshit scapegoating of the EU for our own politicians incompetence.

Bullshit propaganda?

When you are older than 16 kid you will realise.

Why is it Farage has been right about 99.9% of things he has said? He is the only politician with balls.

Why is it he the only MEP who actually wants to get him self sacked, if we leave the EU he loses his job. The others are just in it for the gravy train.

Once you hit puberty come back to me and tell me UKIP is propaganda bullshit.

If you are old enough to remotley understand or listen to politics I take it you are one of few things, either a brain washed tree hugging student supporting Lib dems or the green party, a goldfish brain supporting Labour forgetting the mess New Labour did with Mr war crimes Blair opening up our country to invaders  or you love seeing the old, poor, ex service, disabled face cuts cuts cuts while the toffs live the high life and support cons.

Yep, very angry and quite immature with a complete lack of analytical thinking or evidence based research if you think Farage's rhetoric 99.9% right. We're living in the information age where fact checking is a google search away so their is no excuse for believing the spoon-fed crap the politicians (Farage is actually one of the worst UK politicians for bullshitting) barrage us with. Farage has been blatantly wrong about a lot of what he says and simply blames all the countries ills on the EU rather than actually getting to grips with the actual issues at hand.

By the way, I'm 31 with a PhD in Biochemical Engineering and worked multiple jobs in academia and industry as well as the smaller jobs needed to support studying through Uni. Unlike you, I prefer to look at the evidence and facts rather than buying into the ideologies and rhetoric of a single party. 

I thoroughly recommend you look at many different sources of information and study the numerous reports available rather than believing the massaged statistics of your politician of choice (I don't affiliate with any party and will actively call out ideological rhetoric when I see it regardless of whether its Left or Right). 

@ bolded

You really think UKIP would be any different?

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Not of age and not American, but there is no rational reason to vote for Trump.

Deciding on who to vote for this election is like deciding on whether I'd like to be punched in my left eye or my right eye, it's going to suck either way.

found another meme. lol

Looking at Clinton being ahead in the poll must mean there must be a lot of Chinese an Mexicans on this site. :-p

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Not American, but I would definitely vote for Trump. Governments are the true enemy of the people and greedy corporations are just a peon in comparison to the threat that a power-hungry government poses. I would vote for Trump because he challenges the establishment and supports a reduced role for government.

Aquamarine said:

Hillary not being in prison is the most frightening thing I've seen this election cycle.

Decades of scandals and blatant corruption and lies and flip-flopping when it's politically convenient and circumventing the law...it's pretty incredible how many people (especially women and minorities) are so complacent about it. Her rise over honest, genuine politicians like Bernie Sanders absolutely REPULSES me.

I can't in good conscience vote for a candidate who completely embodies everything that is wrong with modern politicans. All of the remaining candidates in the race offer America relief from such blatant corruption----just go with someone else...ANYONE else. Yes, even Trump the populist xenophobe would be better.

The millions of Americans who will vote for Trump aren't bumbling, daft idiots----Hillary Clinton really is THAT horrible. You don't tend to hear about it outside of the USA though because the mainstream media is bought and paid for by Hillary's cronies who love to paint Hillary as a saint and Trump as the devil incarnate...but it's a HUGE problem.

Now if this were a Trump vs. Sanders race it would be much different. Trump has even stated himself that he would much rather run against Hillary because Bernie would be a much more difficult candidate to beat. Unfortunately Hillary has rigged the whole election process right from the start, so Bernie never stood a chance.

Not that Trump is any better with foreign policy if he maintains that triggerhappy attitude, but what Wikileaks revealed about Clinton makes me just as uncomfortable...

AbbathTheGrim said:
onionberry said:

i like calle 13 :3

I bet you got to know them from GTA. :P They have their good songs :)


Calle 13 singer endorsed Sanders:


no, cause my best friend is puerto rican so thanks to her y yo se hablar espanol aunque sea italoamericana asi entiendo mucho

i like this one


I'm horrified by the amount of people saying Trump...

NobleTeam360 said:
I'm not voting for either. Both suck.

This.  I'll vote 3rd party if anything.