What's the closest you ever came to dying?

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I don't live very dangerously but I'm a bit clumsy. The closest I've been to death have probably been the times I've hit my head somewhere. Head can be pretty fragile so it's always pretty scary if you hit your head even semi-hard. Once as a kid, I think I managed to stick my head in front of a door that was slammed shut just after I stuck my head there. Got hit pretty good from both sides there. Luckily it was a pretty lightweight door.

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Damn, so many near drowning incidents. I guess that one is the most common to happen for anyone. Same with me. When I was in first grade at a friends b-day party some piece of shit kid a little shorter than me pushed me in to the deep end of the swimming pool from behind and I couldn't swim at the time. I thought I was going to die and I could even hear (imagine) ambulance sirens. Luckily some other guy saved me. I swear if I could go back in time, I'd be going to jail..even at that age. I had another one of those incidents happen (although not as scary) a month to a year after. Some rowdy kids held my head under water forcibly and my older and much stronger (than them) brother was with me but didn't help me. I guess he didn't understand at the time that I needed help. So some emotional scarring to add with that.

A little off topic: There was something that happened before all of this that made these incidents (and some future scary incidents) worse. It's one of my first memories. I saw a relative of mine die right in front of me and I couldn't understand what was happening, nor did I have any concept of life and death at the time. That and seeing all of the medical stuff being done just added to the confusion and mental scarring.

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Volterra_90 said:
I almost choked with a candy. I know, ridiculous, but I'd probably died if a random person didn't know how to do the Heimlich maneuver.

Was it a liquorish pipe ?

I dont find it ridiculous at all.

One of these things nearly got me when I younger:

JRPGfan said:

Was it a liquorish pipe ?

I dont find it ridiculous at all.

One of these things nearly got me when I younger:

Yeah, I was really scared, but now I remember that and chuckle, don't ask me why XD.

It was one of those bastards:

It doesn't seem a big deal but that fucking ball got stucked right into my throat. 

Preface this with I was a good swimmer as kid. I learned to swim in diapers before I could walk.

However, all my swimming experience was in pools or lakes and when I was eight I visited the ocean for the first time.

We spent hours swimming and I was fine, increasingly becoming bold with how far I went out. Then learned what a rip tide is and made the mistake of fighting it. I swam against it for a good fifteen minutes until I became exhausted and began to drift out terrified. I was very lucky my sister realized and swam in and told my father. He dove in a got me let the current take us down the beach a bit and then swimming me back in to the shore. I felt very foolish, exhausted, and most of all fortunate that had my sister and father there with me. That five to ten minutes of fatigue making it a fight to stay afloat was most scared I remember being as a kid.

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I was in Iraq with the 1st Armor Division on SRT Lightning and we came under small arms fire. It was so close I could here the bullets whistling past my kevlar.

My mom and I were in a pretty bad car accident (someone sped past a stop sign) in 2009. Miraculously we came out of it with just bumps and bruises.

My family and I were on our way to Colombia (on car) to spend christmass' with my mother's family. As we neared the border between Colombia and Venezuela, a truck stopped in the middle of the road and didnt let us move any further. We looked back, same thing. Suddenly, 4 or 5 guys came out of nowhere with guns and got on the car. Before going through a path off the roads, they pushed my mom and dad out of the car. They were aiming at us and asking us for money, and after a while they pushed us off the car too. For a few minutes we were walking our way back to the road until a police car came and picked us up.

This was the first and only time I've seen my dad cry.

tl; dr I was almost kidnapped/killed.

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I guess I was stung by 19 bees as a child.

Once as a child I was being taught how to swim at the YMCA and sunk to the bottom, the teacher did not see and my Dad had to pull me out after jumping down the stairwell.

Plenty of explosions all around me in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rock climbing once and got stuck pretty high up, had to be coached down when I could not find a spot.

Probably others...oh yeah, had an allergic reaction to a medicine, will not say so you all do not try to poison me. Was withing hours of death. Most of this was as kid.

Wonder how many times a killer or thief has planned to kill me but fate was changed?

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JRPGfan said:

Also I was born to early... so I spent my first few months in a Incubator.

So I could have dyed at birth if not for modern hospitals and medicine.


"What's the closest you ever came to dying?"

The thing I remember the clearest though is this :
I almost choked to death on one of these when I was younger:

Basically this, closest I come to death is a birth. I believe I had feeding issues, and not that I was born early.