What's the closest you ever came to dying?

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There were three. I don't remember the first, i hardly remember the second and i remember the third. The one i remember i would say is the one closest i suppose.

I was a young boy riding an old bike down a ramp for thrills. One of the times i lost control and then i woke up in the hospital in a strech beeing taken somewhere in the hospital, my mum next to me. It was mostly a scare. From my perspective it was nothing really. Just a nap, as i don't remember anything from the act.

The other two i was too young to remember. There was one time that i'm told my mum was crazy to wash the floor with some petrol and the smell almost suffocated my baby self. The other one wich i hardly remember was beeing attacked by a dog in the street. I don't think the dog would've killed me (i think lol) but he did leave a scar.

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Wildcard36qs said:
Raze said:

When I was 10, running from a neighbor's house back home during a really bad thunderstorm. Lightning struck about 10 feet away from me. Something made me jump in the air at the time (call it a guardian angel, etc) Might have saved me from getting electrocuted. Yeah, I might have survived on the ground too, had sneakers on, but that was as close a call as I've gotten. I tell everyone that computers behave around me because I have an electrical charge from the incident. (I work in IT and people are baffled that their problems go away just by me being present ;) 

Although I have not been struck or near lightning afaik, I have the same gift. I do IT as well and have the same effect - things typically just work when I come by. Always baffles people.

Maybe a technology mitichlorian count? =p

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