Koei Tecmo achieves record profit for 6th consecutive year

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And for good reason! Recently they've been making some great games. Love these guys.

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Ruler said:
HoloDust said:

Dead serious - Dark Souls 3 looks decent for what it is, but From Software is not really AAA developer - they are more like Japanese Piranha Bytes, great in making unique games in their respective genres (despite all the technical flaws), but with limited amount of money to do so...on topic, that is why they're making profit.

So you think a game like Devision that has an helicopter as endboss has better graphics than Dark Souls with giant enmies with all kinds of sizes? nope not even close lol

Oh dear...what does size of bosses has to do with anything?

At this point I have to ask have you even played DS3? I'm currently playing it on PC, maxed out, and while it's not a bad looking game by any means (quite the opposite), technically  it's not even close to AAA titles...corners had to be cut and that in most cases doesn't really matter (unless when it does and enemies hit you through the walls)...that's the whole point of conversation in the end, them not spending insane amount of money to be on par with AAA devs and then expecting to sell 6 mill copies to be even...that is why they are making profit.

They make good games, and I like that they listen to their fanbase. Definitely one of my favorite companies.

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greencactaur said:
They make good games, and I like that they listen to their fanbase. Definitely one of my favorite companies.

This is something that cannot be overlooked.

Look at sony, they listend to fans & developers, PS4 is a huge hit.


No metroid (FF instead, which basically has nothing to do with metroid)

Starfox zero with motion controlls everyone seems to hates (and bad graphics because of their 2nd cockpit)

No Animal crossing (instead a amiibo party game)

No paper mario (instead we get a sticker star like clone)

No 3D platformer mario (like 64,sunshine,galaxy)

No F-Zero

No (new) Zelda (we ll get one for wii u, after the NX launches and the wii u is dead)


Now theres no E3 with NX less than a year from its release, and their missing the holidays sales.

I just dont understand nintendo sometimes.

And worse, Im not sure nintendo understands its fans anymore.

Great, now more Gust games, starting with Ar nosurge sequel.

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Cool. The musou spin offs have been pretty good.

Awesome. With good reason, too. They're making a lot of good games this gen. They've become one of my favorite developers. Loved Hyrule Warriors and Dragon Quest Heroes, and Gust is becoming one of my favorite RPG developers. I'm really enjoying Nights of Azure.

Chazore said:
Good for them, though I guess that means I won't be buying any KT games in the future since I;m not even a blip on their future "expansion" radar.

Play the games not the platform 

Kerotan said:

Play the games not the platform 

I play what suits me best, which is to say I don't desire to pay more for so little and to adhere to a company wish. 


The musou/warriors franchise is simply perfect for solid spin-offs.

Add a little mixture and changes like in Dragon Quest Heroes and you got yourself a great spin-off.

Hyrule Warriors is fun as hell too.

I want more Warriors spin offs, like Final Fantasy Heroes or even a Pokemon Warriors game.

Even a Dark Souls musou with the best franchise bosses as playable characters would be cool, lol.
And Solaire too, of course.