Will the NX outsell the WiiU?

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Nogamez said:
Who knows? Until we actually see it. It's a little hard ot gauge success based on a temporary name

You posted this twice lol an hour apart xD

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The NX is going to be a huge success. I know that because the name of the console is NX.

That's a freaking cool name. 100M confirmed.

"I've Underestimated the Horse Power from Mario Kart 8, I'll Never Doubt the WiiU's Engine Again"

There's no way of knowing, we know practically nothing about it. However, if it doesn't sell more than the Wii U, there's some serious trouble ahead.

End of 2016 hardware sales:

Wii U: 15 million. PS4: 54 million. One: 30 million. 3DS: 64.8 million. PSVita: 15.2 million.

Unified library alone guarantees it will.

MohammadBadir said:
malistix1985 said:
If it doesnt outsell the Wii u by at least 2 times, and thats still low, Nintendo should leave the home console market focus on third party and handheld systems, but for gaming in general I hope:

1) The release a GREAT console
2) They sell over 50 million units.

But if they don't do number #1 and release something disappointing while they DO make great games, I hope it doesn't sell in that case, because we want Nintendo games but we don't want to play it on a bad system.

Define "great" console? I think most of the things Ninty's made has been good, but obviously not a lot of them sold amazingly..

Well i am 30 yrs old now and I grew up with Nintendo consoles I have owned almost all, except the Wii. In my opinion (preference ofcource) the Wii and WiiU are the two consoles that have not lived up to my gaming wishes. Why? Simple. I don't like the control schemes offered with the console. I want to play my games either on PC (strategy, simulation) with mouse and keyboard or a good controller. I loved the NGC and its controller. Overall I also didn't like the direction some games went with the controls on a wiiu pad and swinging your armes on a wii.

Obviously this is my preference and not everyone will agree, look at how good the wii sold, but for me switching from Nintendo's Gamecube to a PS3 was a very hard decision but over the years I have grown more attached to the playstation franchise and altough I was ready to jump back in the the WiiU, after that disaster (mostly because of game support, because the pro controller was an ok alternative) i am just expecting a lot from nintendo to regain my faith.

short version: Good controller in the box, not overpriced, good launch lineup, at least as powerfull as the Xbox one, x86/x64 architecture and a big harddrive option

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How many Nintendo fans are there left anyway? I think the few who remained are really bummed out by the Wii U. NX must have really good third party software next to the Nintendo titles or else it's exit Nintendo. I hope they make it, but, I sincerely doubt it.

Yes, NX can't be as bad as the Wii U even if nintendo tried is hardest right?


spemanig said:
It'll outsell a lot more than that.

You're always very positive about the NX. Why would you think it will outsell the Wii U by a lot?

Sure it may happen. The Wii at least proves that point, but i haven't seen Nintendo learn lessons in doing better yet. Even a digital only NX won't do the trick by itself :p.

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I don't think it will they have pissed of the fanbase too much.

It needs to

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