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I think they are planing for 5-6m, but U4 should easily top that and make some very nice profits

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melbye said:

Massive, popular franchise and the first huge exclusive on the console. People have waited a long time for this game. Probably going to be above far 10 million

*cough Bloodborne cough*


I'd say about 6 Milion...

11M lifetime.

They should be expecting it to be over Unchared 2 and 3, so at least 8M.

Surely this has to be 10 million seller could it beat Gran Truismo 3.

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8m lifetime.


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8-12M (8M = worst case / 12M = best case)

Well Uncharted traditionally sells 6-7 million physical units, that was based on PS3's install base and hardware sales pace.
Naughty Dog have become known as one of the most prestigious video game development studios in the world with the history of this franchise and The Last of Us (to a certain degree J&D and Crash).
PS4 has already sold a good 85% more units than PS3 did at this point in it's life, so I think everything together, with how good this game looks will likely point to the game selling between 11-12 million units in it's lifetime.

This game is going to be huge.

With the mixture of how The Last of Us exceeded all expectations and broke the 10 Million barrier, Uncharted as a series seeing continuous growth throughout the lifetime of PS3 and the PS4 itself being the primary platform for the mass market this generation, I think it's fair to assume Sony are looking at close to or over 10 Million units lifetime.

Digital and Retail, of course.

TLOU sold way over 9 million. Uncharted Series has sold over 21 million units.

So based off the sucess of TLOU  and an Installed base of 40 million PS4,

Uncharted popularity and being the "last one".

UC4 will sell 16 million .