So when will the NX be officialy unveiled?

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So when will the NX be officialy unveiled?

June 2016. Nintendo lies,... 13 15.12%
July 2016. 1 1.16%
August 2016. 10 11.63%
September 2016. 32 37.21%
October 2016. 9 10.47%
November 2016. 8 9.30%
December 2016. 4 4.65%
January 2017. 0 0.00%
February 2017. 1 1.16%
March 2017. They unveil i... 8 9.30%

Well, today is a NX focused day, isn't it? However, we still don't know what it actually is. Nintendo said that they won't show it at this year's E3. We know it will be released march 2017, but we haven't had a proper presentation. When are we going to get it? Will we get a particular event to it, or will they use a big event?

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Definitely the same day of it's release.

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Seriously, though, I have no idea. Maybe sometime during summer or fall (leaning towards fall)?

Their own event. I think Nintendo is branching off from E3 and doing their own thing because they're too different from the entire event. That's a double edged sword though.

About 2 weeks after E3 I'd reckon

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

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September is my guess.

I don't know, and I'm not sure Nintendo knows it either.

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I don't know why but september sounds about right.

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