If there is Star Fox/Splatoon like motion control in Zelda NX/U will you not buy it?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - If there is Star Fox/Splatoon like motion control in Zelda NX/U will you not buy it?

I love Splatoon's motion controls so I'm hoping there's an option in the next Zelda.

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id still buy it

I really hope nintendo hasnt done any motion controlled nonsense with Zelda U.

Wow took me a while to figure out what Splatoon motion controls you were on about, Was thinking I can't even remember it having any then I realised I turned them off after my first games. Motion should always be optional imo unless its little things like motion to solve small puzzles every now and again.

No I wouldnt... Motion controls already ruined Skyward Sword.   

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AZWification said:

The motion controls in Splatoon are optional and even then they work woderfully, not sure about Star Fox.


Yes they do Mr. AZWIF, but do you want more of that in zelda or just a traditional run?

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Let's not even entertain that.

Well, this is new.


I loved the controls of Skyward Sword, so why not? Anyway, I'm sure it will be optional, like it was in OoT3D or Majora's 3D, or even Wind Waker HD.

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I hope they implement at least gyro-controls for bow aiming. I don't care about the rest.

Didn't they show it in the gameplay trailer at the game awards? Like how link jumps up from his horse to shoot his arrow?

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