What unnancounced game are you hoping gets revealed soon?

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We haven't heard from Devil May Cry in a while.
Since fans of the series didn't seem to respond to well to the reboot, you know Capcom (and Capcom sure as hell knows) can just go back to old Dante and be heralded as the saviors of the series. Which is fine by me.
They should totally give it Platinum.

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Red Dead Redemption 2.

KLXVER said:
Mosfet said:

What's the point of some shitty announce trailer without gameplay?

The game could be announced in 2018 or later.

But the thread title clearly states "are you hoping gets revealed soon"...

mass effect 4...Shadow of mordor 2. so much unknowns. Many games I like still need plenty of time for development.

Probably will be a new inFamous, a new Red Dead or Borderlands 3 (now I know it's Gearbox's next project)

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