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Darwinianevolution said:
Nem said:

Haha... do you know what that would be? Sitting in a bunker all day shooting hazardly. 

I'm sure they could make something up with some offenses with tank and air support or some tunnel missions... but you can never win... because the lines did'nt move much for years... and it just abruptly ended as the US joined.


WW1 was hell on earth.

There are more scenarios other than the western front. The fights in Eastern Europe, the campaigns in Africa, Middle East, the siege of Tsingtao and other battles in Asia...

The British vs Ottoman would be interesting. 


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Kid Icarus: Uprising 2
Luigi's Mansion 3
3D Mario (a given)
New Sly game

Stuff of dreams::

new Chrono game.

and will Gran Turismo 7 ever exist?

Edit: Since the user below said that I'm boring, I'll add New IP by Sony Japan.

Wow people, you are boring. The only thing you want are sequels :/

TurboElder said:
Wow people, you are boring. The only thing you want are sequels :/

Well, I can't speak for others but I also hope for new IP's. However, when it comes to new IP you don't really know which ones you'll like until they're announced, so you can't really describe them on a list such as this.

Alan Wake 2
Zelda NX (we don't have a proper trailer or a title)
Beyond good and evil 2
3D Super Mario
New Ninja Gaiden (a good one)
Syphon Filter

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Announcement...Chrono Break...also the NX launch line up.

Release date....Zelda U/NX is really all I care about right now.

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As for stuff that i really want that i think is even slightly realistic:
-A new IP from Retro: I like Prime and i absolutely love Tropical Freeze and would be ok if either one gets a sequel (especially DK), but a new IP from Retro would be a dream.
-A new F-Zero: Long overdue and yes, i think that this could happen.
-A Fire Emblem on consoles: I like Awakening and am really looking forward to Fates but a new Fire Emblem on console is one of my biggest dream annoucements.
-The Last of Us 2: Announcement at this yeas E3 seems highly unrealistic but hey, who knows..
-A new 3D Mario
-The next Mario Kart

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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn 2. I must believe!

1. TWO new metroids (for emotional distress of course). One being a Metroid Prime type Metroid and the other being a 2D to 3D third person metroid in the vein of Other M, but obviously better and no voice acting going on or narrative outside of lore.

2. More remakes of classic Square games.

Lube Me Up

As a disclaimer I will say I don't think all of these things will happen, I know in the past people have mistaken my comments for me making out that all of my guesses will definitely happen, I don't think they all will, but I think some of these could happen.

For PS4: Bend's new IP, God of War 4 (or whatever it's called), the rumored Exclusive Spider Man game (perhaps made by Sucker Punch, as they're awesome at making superhero/villain games), Eight Days, The Getaway, maybe a new Sly Cooper and a new game set in the Hawk Series (like Starhawk, but with an epic single player campaign).
Oh yeah if Take Two are going to be having their own conference then perhaps this could be the time to reveal Agent as a PS4 exclusive James Bond game.

I'd love to see a futuristic From Software game, with the studio building on the formula they used for Souls and Bloodborne.

Would love to get an announcement from Ready At Dawn, like another game in The Order series, that takes it's queues from Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us in the gameplay front. Maybe set in a more open city.
Failing that maybe they have been working on another new IP, would be cool to see how the studio has moved forward after The Order.

Nintendo: NX hardware officially shown, new Metroid, 3D Mario, Wave Race and F-Zero and a bunch of new IPs that are targeted at the western 3rd party market.
Beyond Good and Evil 2, along with a remaster of the original for NX would be nice.

For Xbox One: New IPs that move Xbox into some new areas, like bringing the platformers or some action adventure titles, maybe some classic under used franchises like Blinx, a Banjo game, new Jade Empire.
Xbox doesn't need to keep leaning on Halo and Forza, maybe a new Project Gotham game would be nice as a change of flavor.

I hope all 3 platform holder's bring it.

For 3rd party, it would be cool to see a Watch Dogs sequel, new Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, finally have a reveal for that Visceral Star Wars game.
New IPs would be cool.
Hopefully CD Projekt Red can finally show something of Cyber Punk 2077.
A new Red Dead for current gen consoles and PC.

The main thing I'd love though is to see surprises revealed, with gameplay.