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This is an honest question, I have a ps4 and i'm not hyped about the PS4 Neo, cause... it's still a PS4, it's what the ps4 was supposed to be from the beginning, but I already have one. It's like a gaming PC, I have my PC and I'm not hyped about the next generation of nvidia cards or amd cards and cpus, cause it's the same experience "but better" so i'm going to do an upgrade but I'm not excited about it. or like the 3ds and new Nintendo 3ds. if your hype is real, why? If you're a technology enthusiast I understand tho.

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I am looking to finally join the ps4 world when some smuck sells the old console for the 4k model thinking it's going to be a major upgrade. IF it's true it's not a replacement and all the titles will stay working with the current PS4 model.

Don't have 4k. Don't honestly care to at this moment because I feel like we'll be at max 6mm res of 6k within a year or three.

Not excited at all. Not buying another PS4 for features I don't even need.

No, not buying another PS4. Import taxes already raped my wallet once.

Looking forward to playing FFXV at a stable 30fps. I have no faith in it on the normal PS4.

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No, because it´s basically like changing your PC hardware with slightly overclocked hardware you already own. Instead of buying something substantially more advanced or different. But still at a very similar high or even higher cost you paid for the original hardware.

4K blu Rays. Getting a 4K tv next week so a ps4k will be perfect. Don't care about game performance.

With me its more about the games... I just wanna be able to play the rpgs.
Dont care that much about the graphics, standard PS4 level is plenty good looking already.

I can see why people would be hyped, thoughed.

As long as it has trade in program I think most owners will get excited. Also didn't a lot of 360 and PS3 owners rebuy their systems when a slimmer version of their consoles was released? PS4 Neo is like that but with more specs.

I won't be upgrading. I would prefer to spend my money on another platform (Vive VR, NX, etc).